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We’ve also created seperate shortlists for each music genre you might like to hear at a club on your night out.

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Furthermore, you can get on the guest list or book a table with bottle service on some of the more exclusive clubs. We are happy to help you out with either.

The Best Places to go Clubbing in Oklahoma

1. EdenClub OKC Oklahoma

EdenClub OKC shows its clients the prizes of the award-winning bar services. The bar has many skilled waiters and staff who provide their clients with the right services. In addition, they have clean and tidy facilities, which ensures their clients have a pleasant and enjoyable experience within their club. Also, they have a pleasant atmosphere mixed with their talented customers, who assure their clients of high-quality alcoholic beverages that come in a fantastic taste. Lastly, they have full surveillance cameras that provide this club monitoring, which ensures the safety of their customers and the safety of every visit to the club.

2. Club One15 Oklahoma

Club One15 offers their clients a beautiful and lively nightclub with a huge dance floor. Also, this nightclub has the perfect staff to guide their clients to their table and provide them with delicious drinks such as at night. In addition, this nightclub has many safety measures that ensure the complete safety of their customers within their premises. In addition, their drinks are prepared by a highly-skilled bartender who has received specialized training to provide their customers with delicious drinks. In addition, the nightclub has well-organized and well-maintained facilities, giving their clients the opportunity to have fun inside their club.

3. RedNeck Yacht Club Oklahoma

RedNeck Yacht Club is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular nightclubs in Oklahoma City! It’s your typical “18 entry, 21 drink” party place in Oklahoma City. It is an 11,000-square-foot club, with the most prominent dance floors in Oklahoma, a full bar, a smoking party, not to mention a VIP hall. You can expect to experience the ultimate party experience at the RedNeck yacht Club, with state-of-the-art lighting fixtures, incredible beverage offers, an off-line sound system, etc. There is no doubt that a good crowd is held every Friday and Saturday at the RedNeck Yacht Club. It’s a great place to host your special parties, such as wedding parties, bachelor parties, and business meetings.

4. Driller’s Night Club II Oklahoma

Driller’s Night Club II, located at Quality Inn directly at Hwy 81 in Duncan, is a nightclub with something for everyone. Go out on Monday for Pool League Night and bring some friends for $ 2 on Tuesday. Wednesday night is Latin, and on Thursday, specials are for women only. You can go down with the DJ on Friday and Saturday and come back with karaoke on Sundays. You will make new friends and get good service in this comfortable and welcoming bar. The main concern at Driller’s Night Club II is to provide a good customer time, so turn around soon and have fun. Start your evening with a pool game to decide who buys the next round and enjoy the incredible ambiance at Driller’s Nightclub. 

5. Boom Oklahoma

Boom is not only a nightclub, the dinner theater, and live entertainment, but mostly full of fun. Check out one of their theaters for exchanging delicious food and the funniest jokes or music that will bring you tears. Stop karaoke on Tuesday, Dinner with Kitty on Wednesday, or a unique show called Sunday Gospel Brunch, now widespread in Oklahoma City. You’ll get an excellent start to a relaxing Sunday with a delicious brunch with a sense of humor while watching the show. Stop on Thursday or Friday night, dance with friends, and have a few drinks as the DJs play the music that will keep you going at this LGBT-friendly club. With so many opportunities, there is something for everyone at The Boom.

6. Sherlock’s Club Oklahoma

If you love to dance, the icy beer, and the great mysterious detective Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock’s Club in Oklahoma City is your place. Easily accessible outside just the I-40, this nightclub has Sherlock Holmes-themed decor on the walls to give it the authentic aura of mystery and nostalgia that has made it a popular destination in Oklahoma City.

Try some of Sherlock’s monthly special drinks, including Jager Bombs, Royal Peach Bombs, and more. Dress up to attract attention and hit the dance floor for a good time at Sherlock’s Club. The tradition has since opened the club in April 1979, only every evening with everyone dancing The Gator. Sherlock’s is Gator’s original home and says it’s something you have to feel for yourself.

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