Oklahoma City Nightlife • A Complete Guide

Welcome to Oklahoma City’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Oklahoma City. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid-back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


In Oklahoma City, western magnetism meets big-city entertainment. The city boasts a vibrant downtown specialty, culture and history-rich museum, diverse theme parks, and exciting nightlife. Oklahoma City offers plenty of things to do and has a lot many big-league attractions in addition to hosting a bustling NBA basketball team. The local people are proud of their land and have immense love for the land, farm food items, and its rich culture. The locals prepare a wide variety of delicacies, and tourists get to enjoy some of the best tacos, chicken wings, barbecue, among great traditional cuisines. Oklahoma City is always ready for a night in the town, whether you’re wearing cowboy boots or stilettos. OKC’s nightlife offers various cultural opportunities for visitors, including dynamic and contemporary districts, breweries, and street-style dancing right next to jazz sessions. 

Get yourself seated for some live Entertainment along with delicious dinners and crazy cocktails

  1. Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos: Bricktown’s #1 Live Entertainment Spot is the Michael Murphy’s Club located at 119 E. California Ave. Since 2004, this club has been bringing great entertainment to Bricktown. With an indoor no-smoking concept, offering a patio for outdoor smoking arranged with fire pits near the bar, the club is known for creating a unique atmosphere. Its rotating trio of pianists offers to perform an on-demand cheerful show along with more than 1000 songs played over three different musical instruments. The fantastic music combined with its light-hearted comedy banter and friendly roasts of other guests creates a complete entertainment package to spend your night. Not to forget that it also offers a lot of meat and chicken dishes (chicken wings are the most popular). Their drink menu and wine selection are unparalleled, whether you’re a beer drinker or a fruit-spirit lover. Also, check out their RockStar Karaoke Bar specially designed to host a unique crowd and give you the best experience with their fascinating light and sound setting. The bar usually remains open till 2 am, so you have got your night covered with its best and unforgettable experience. 
  1. Bourbon St. Cafe: Enjoy the best dinner or relax on the canal side patio! The Bourbon Street Café in Bricktown is the perfect spot for any event, including dates, dinners, receptions, and holiday parties. Whether you are looking for a romantic first date or a casual meal on the outdoor seating, this place will meet your needs. You offer the most amazing views, the best local yet world-class live music, uniquely crafted cocktails, and the best Cajun food in the area! Bourbon St. Café would be the most chilling dinner venue for you. 
  1. McClintock Saloon and Chop House: As you enjoy some great dining and a selection of delicious whiskey, top-notch beers, and handcrafted wines at McClintock’s Saloon and Chop House in Stockyards City – Oklahoma City, you’ll undoubtedly be satisfied. The upscale dining experience – complete with a majestic 50-foot oak and brass bar – has been meticulously researched, designed, and created by the owners and management of McClintock. There will be no better way to enjoy life than dine at a restaurant run by some of the most acclaimed restaurateurs and talented chefs in the region. Their magnificent 50-foot oak wood bar will be well-stocked with different types of liquors to suit your desires. The place remains open till 10 pm, and there is no doubt that everyone will have a good time at this unforgettable dining house.
  1. Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse: It is a traditional steakhouse arranged with some contemporary style American themes and some classic cuisine and décor settings in the center of Oklahoma City’s historic Bricktown. With a modern menu, this spectacular 10,000 square foot area offers a fine dining and gathering experience. Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse is famous by celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, and people from the fashion world as the best site in Oklahoma City. The restaurant adorned souvenirs that showcase the enriching and motivating life of Mickey Mantle, the Oklahoma Great, and his family, along with some personal collections.
  1. Whiskey Chicks Parlor: Whether you want lunch or supper or hope to slow off after a day’s hunger, go to Whiskey Chicks Parlor, located in downtown Oklahoma City. Usually, Whiskey Chicks Parlor opens till midnight, provides a vibrant environment with live events, quiz nights, special drinks offers, and cuisine beyond the typical bar food. Start your dinner with an appetizer such as a load of fries, shredded cheese sides, Guacamoles, or sour cream. This Oklahoma City pub also provides excellent chicken wings with a doze of whiskey, barbecue, and grilled meat of your choosing. A customized meal mixed of salads and optional beef, chicken, and meat dishes, may be enjoyed by visitors in the “pick-four” offer. You get to enjoy all the delicious and mouth-watering dishes along with some soothing live music.
  1. Cowboys OKC: This Oklahoma City nightclub offers the latest country videos and dance music from the top 40 charts. The atmosphere remains lively with party-going OKC residents. This bar and lounge provides live games like bull riding and offers drink specials on Friday and Saturday nights when it pays tribute to its rodeo traditions. A full-service bar and massive dance floor entice the crowd with entertaining and lively dance and music. It also provides an in-house DJ that makes you groove at some famous country and western arrangements to suit your music demands.
  1. Plaza District: In Oklahoma City, the Plaza District is a burgeoning art and entertainment place. It is the home of local stores, art houses, studios, traditional and multi-cuisine restaurants, etc. It also offers other creative shops that promise a comprehensive history, diversified culture, fresh vitality. This unique atmosphere generates a hub for entertainers, performers, and artists by the ethnic mix of the Plaza District. Such an environment turns the Plaza District into a perfect place for art lovers. Discover how the young, growing entrepreneurs of Oklahoma have contributed to the Plaza District by stopping at local shops, shopping for retro and classic vintage items, or attending performances at the newly renovated Lyric Theatre. Each month, on the second Friday, the Plaza District hosts a wide array of live events catering to the visual and creative arts, music and film premiers, locally crafted retail shopping, and many more. 
  1. Baker Street Escapes: Situated on the 1004 N Hudson Ave Ste 104 and open till 10 pm, Baker Street Escapes aims to take you on a nostalgic and entertaining puzzle ride with friends and family. Baker Street Escapes is an Oklahoma City attraction where teams of up to ten guests brainstorm together for solving puzzles in an attempt to escape before the hourly timer goes out. You get to choose among several themes, including Middle Earth and London.
  1. Edsel’s Club: Located in Oklahoma City, Edsel’s is a great place to spend an evening on your own or with friends. Get a drink and take part in a bit of pool competition, or enjoy a little chat over a meal with Edsel’s friendly staff. On weekends, dig into a live DJ’s music and dance until you’re sore, and enjoy the time with your group of friends to make some more at Edsel’s Club in Oklahoma City. It also provides a full bar, DJ, and a large dance floor for all-night lovers. 
  1. Graham Central Station: Take the Graham Central Station off I-40 for a night of excitement in Oklahoma City. With your type of music and the best playlist, Graham’s offers two dance floors for you to show off some dance moves throughout the night. When you go in, you will be dancing to some favorite rap and pop music along with the classic collection from the 90s. There is sufficient room for line, tap, and group dancing, in addition to many broader forms to explore at the country’s largest floor with a unique musical combination. When you get tired of dancing till that last beat, get yourself a chilling cocktail, challenge the mates at a pool game or take a seat at Graham’s full bar and chat over some excellent beer as you enjoy the weekend. In case if you are starving, head over to Graham’s restaurant, named Katiebee’s, and have fun with anything from handmade squid to their unique Italian dishes, fast food items, burgers, or steaks. Graham Central Station has something for everyone and makes your wish fulfilled with lots of dancing and music, world-famous cuisines, and live entertainment.

Film Row District – Oklahoma City

Don’t forget to travel to the Film Row District and walk through the once-famous streets that used to join the buildings that in the 1900s were home to some of the renowned film studios such as Universal Studios, MGM, and Paramount. Later on, several other production companies and theatrical banners thrived in the area. As a result, many coffee outlets and food joints emerged in Oklahoma City, offering opportunities for locals to exchange business with influential people from the film industry. Paramount currently organizes movie premieres, live theatre, musical gatherings, and other artistic arrangements promising entertainment to the locals and tourists. The famous food outlets, pizzas, and other sweet or savory items can be grabbed upon while enjoying the art and culture shows. 

Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park of Oklahoma City

This 26,000 square feet park located South of downtown Oklahoma is famous as a skate park and is one of the country’s biggest and most demanding parks. This park offer skating (maximum length 34″), Inline (maximum 4-wheel per skate), and freestyle biking. It is divided into two independent zones, has a flow path designed for a bowl combination of different forms, depth, and height. The park is open till 11 pm and provides an entire space for an adventurous skating experience. 

TopGolf Oklahoma City

Categorized as one of the famous club, game, and entertainment centers in Oklahoma City, Topgolf is the world’s growth leader in golf. Players hit the golf balls embedded with microchips that monitor each shot’s accuracy along with the distance traveled by the ball and grant points to the outfield targets. Topgolf offers an excellent and relaxed environment with wide bays providing the perfect place for golf lovers and food and beverage seekers. 

Put a Cork in it Wine

Discover some fantastic artisanal wines from the best varieties in the degustation room with a grin. First, navigate the shops of the winery for gifts and self-purchases. Then, book a gathering or party as you enjoy Bricktown’s atmosphere on the covered canal terrace with a glass of freshly prepared Wine. Situated on 115 E California Ave and open till 8 pm Wednesday – Thursday, till 10 pm on Friday – Saturday, and 6 pm on Sunday, this vinery is a retirement’s time entrepreneurial venture of John and Andrea. 

Places to stay

Downtown is considered the most favorable place to stay while you are on an exploration of Oklahoma City. Due to its proximity to art clubs, hotels, restaurants, museums, etc., convenient and desirable hotels and inns are readily available. Depending on your budget, you may choose from the Hyatt Palace, Skirvin Hilton, Hampton Inn and Suites, Omni OKC Hotel, Homewood Suites, Radisson Hotels, etc. If you want to enjoy most of the city, opt for a hotel near the airport for easy and faster access. There are other famous places in the city to stay for a short holiday or weekend getaway, all of which offer the most fantastic customer service and hospitality experience. 


Oklahoma City is one of the most chosen cities in the state of Oklahoma. Not only it offers some fantastic nightclubs and bars that compete with the big city themes and lifestyle, but it also gets you on a relaxing weekend and holiday pace that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Either opt for some crazy handcrafted cocktails, world-class delicious cuisines, game zones, culture-rich explorations, or just a peaceful place to stay and get yourself carried on some respite from the much-loaded weekdays all through the year. OKC is well known for its diversity, inclusion, and contemporary living, making sure that the visitors are left spell-bound.

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