Hip Hop Clubs in Oklahoma

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Whether you want to explore the city day or night, Oklahoma has you covered. If you ever think about visiting this beautiful city, you should know one or two things.

Here, this guide will solely focus on the best Hip Hop clubs in Oklahoma that you should not miss, whether you are in the city and have never been there or just visiting.

Oklahoma nightclubs are diverse, and you can find many places to go and listen to this kind of music, but still, there are those clubs that excel as the best, so let’s move on to this topic. Here are some of the best Hip-Hop clubs in Oklahoma.

Vibes Dance & Night Club Oklahoma

Vibes dance and Night club is one of the hottest nightclubs in Oklahoma city. This fantastic club boasts a lavish dance floor, huge full-service alcohol bars, and an incredible staff. Every Friday and Saturday evening, they have DJs pouting in from all across the city, gather around to promote the most epic yet underrated dance music and songs that were played from the 80s and 90s and the current 40 tops. Dance all night at Vibes Dance & Night Club located above the Brickhouse Saloon in downtown Shawnee. So, grab your favorite dancing shoes and put on your best party dressed and head over to the Vibes Dance Nightclub and order a cocktail, a cold beer, or a snack with your friends and enjoy a night of wild partying and dancing at this amazing bar in the town of Shawnee, Oklahoma.

89th Street Oklahoma

89th Street, which was previously known as the Conservatory, is one of the smallest music venues in the world. Located in Oklahoma City, 89th Street includes everything from punk music to indie rock music. This annual venue is considered a local hotspot and consists of a complete bar. Come on 89th Street, grab a beer and fight your way to the stage to experience the punk and punk coming and other options. Space for parking is also available on the front side of 89th Street or behind the former Size Records building. 89th Street provides its clients with sophisticated lighting that transforms the hype within their club. Next, the nightclub has good waiters and friendly staff who bring their clients the best customer service. In addition, the nightclub has well-organized and well-maintained venues, providing their clients with an attractive dance floor. 

Driller’s Night Club II Oklahoma

Driller’s Night Club II, located at Quality Inn directly at Hwy 81 in Duncan, is a nightclub with something for everyone. Go out on Monday for Pool League Night and bring some friends for $ 2 on Tuesday. Wednesday night is Latin, and on Thursday, specials are for women only. You can go down with the DJ on Friday and Saturday and come back with karaoke on Sundays. You will make new friends and get good service in this comfortable and welcoming bar. The main concern at Driller’s Night Club II is to provide a good customer time, so turn around soon and have fun. Start your evening with a pool game to decide who buys the next round and enjoy the incredible ambiance at Driller’s Nightclub. 

Sherlock’s Club Oklahoma

If you love to dance, the icy beer, and the great mysterious detective Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock’s Club in Oklahoma City is your place. Easily accessible outside just the I-40, this nightclub has Sherlock Holmes-themed decor on the walls to give it the authentic aura of mystery and nostalgia that has made it a popular destination in Oklahoma City.

Try some of Sherlock’s monthly special drinks, including Jager Bombs, Royal Peach Bombs, and more. Dress up to attract attention and hit the dance floor for a good time at Sherlock’s Club. The tradition has since opened the club in April 1979, only every evening with everyone dancing The Gator. Sherlock’s is Gator’s original home and says it’s something you have to feel for yourself.

RedNeck Yacht Club Oklahoma

RedNeck Yacht Club is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular nightclubs in Oklahoma City! It’s your typical “18 entry, 21 drink” party place in Oklahoma City. It is an 11,000-square-foot club, with the most prominent dance floors in Oklahoma, a full bar, a smoking party, not to mention a VIP hall. You can expect to experience the ultimate party experience at the RedNeck yacht Club, with state-of-the-art lighting fixtures, incredible beverage offers, an off-line sound system, etc. There is no doubt that a good crowd is held every Friday and Saturday at the RedNeck Yacht Club. It’s a great place to host your special parties, such as wedding parties, bachelor parties, and business meetings.


As you may know, Oklahoma has some great lists and a variety of clubs around the city, and if you get here, you won’t be disappointed, let me be sure of that.

With so much information this city has to offer, use this guide to help navigate the perfect night out with your friends, partner or even alone!

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