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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Taipei

1. Box Nightclub Taipei

Box Nightclub Taipei

Box Nightclub is located at Taiwan, Taipei City, Da’an District, Section 2, Roosevelt Rd. The Nightclub caters mainly to students and young expats. The all-you-can-drink club offers plenty of specials such as Student Party Fridays, Mini Dress Saturdays, and even Foreigner Wednesdays. The Nightclub has a bright look on the outside and with a gritty, simple decor inside. It’s friendlier and more approachable, particularly given that the venue is smaller than many, giving it an intimate feel.

2. IKON Taipei

IKON Taipei

Deciding to have your night out in Taipei then don’t think beyond IKON Taipei. Located in the Xinyi business district, it is very lively during the day and night. One ticket(girls free)and all you can drink. The cocktails are good and there’s also beer. The music is great if you’re an EDM lover and the atmosphere is brilliant. A nice place to hang out with friends at night. Brand New Taipei Nightclub IKON Taipei to experience pulling. The light and the music walk in a more gentle

3. G*star Club Taipei

G*star Club Taipei

This popular dance club is spread out over two floors and attracts a younger local crowd. Music ranges from international charts to Korean pop music. G*star is located at Long Jiang Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan. G*Star Club gets very busy at weekends, hosting occasional themed nights with stage shows and dancers. Private karaoke rooms are available on the 2nd floor. It’s characterized by bar, music, dancing and karaoke.

4. M Taipei

M Taipei

You are looking forward to feeling the night in Taipei city then M Taipei is the place to be. M Taipei is located at Taipei City, Xinyi District, Section 4, Xinyi Road. M Taipei is a wildly popular all-you-can-drink Latino bar/ club that draws a diverse crowd of locals, students and expats. It is one of the most popular clubs in Taiwan at the moment.

5. Klash Taipei

Klash Taipei

You need a trendiest Nightclub for your night out then Klash is the place to be. Klash Bar and Nightclub is located in the Xinyi District of Taipei’s fashion center, intersecting in the most beautiful and prosperous, in the lively NEO19 business district. Enthusiastic and lively service staff, create a new style of Taipei young people’s nightlife that is the most enjoyable and the most topical. In place are first-class resident DJs to introduce the latest music styles from the world trend to Taipei KLASH.

6. Huckleberry Taipei

Huckleberry Taipei

The name of the bar means “Huckleberry Friends“, which means “friends of life and death, partners, and best friends. I look forward to being able to accompany you through all periods of your life, whether it is happiness, anger, sadness, or happiness.” Fashionable bar located in Xinyi District is definitely an eye-opener. Huckleberry bar is characterized by a modern urban design, starting from exquisite sofas. The seats, the dazzling arched wine cabinet, the luxurious punch-in wall and the spacious dance floor are so exciting in every corner.

7. WAVE CLUB Taipei


Taipei nightlife is considered by many expats as one of the best in all Asia located in Xinyi District. It is a combination of the best things the region has to offer: Modern venues, reasonable prices, friendly people and approachable girls. Wave Club is situated right next to the 101 building in the trendiest Xinyi district, Wave Club is the most extravagant open bar club with impeccable night views, roster of famous DJs, sexy dancers, and a high tech dance floor. Wave Club combines clubbing, event venue, and an outdoor sky bar that is even better than Vegas nightclubs

8. Triangle Taipei 

Triangle Taipei 

At Taipei on your night out then  Triangle bar is the place to end. Located inside Maji Square Triangle pub is a small club next to Yuanshan MRT Station that gets its name from the triangular shape of its premises. Here you’ll find live music. Being a small venue is in many ways a bonus for Triangle: not only does it provide an intimate setting for live acts and DJs, but it’s much harder to lose your friends when you’ve had one beer too many. The inside of Triangle is made up of a bar area, dance floor, and stage, all of which are pretty modest in size.

9. Fiesta Music Bar Taipei 

Fiesta Music Bar Taipei 

You are up for your night out at Taipei then Fiesta Music Bar will make your night out awesome. It is a dance club and a night club located at Section4, Chengde Road, Shilin District, Taipei, this bar is for you if you love music and you want to perform, or you just feel like enjoying the show. Show off your skill, or a new song you’ve been working on, or just play your favourite tunes! We have drums, two guitar amps, bass amps, mics, keyboard, percussion, acoustic and electric guitar, just to bring some cool people and positive vibes!

10. Ai Nightclub Taipei 

Ai Nightclub Taipei 

Ai Nightclub is for you if you are in search of the most memorable clubbing night to dance your night away in a style. Located inside the ATT4FUN building, the club is quite famous among foreigners for its “free all you can drink” night for students early on Thursday and Sundays. Taipei nightlife is considered by many expats as one of the best in all Asia with modern venues, reasonable prices, friendly people and approachable girls. Ai Nightclub is a trendy venue,  medium-sized, which is visually impressive with a huge DJ podium and a great dance floor. They have some famous DJs once in a while.

11. OMNI Nightclub Taipei 

OMNI Nightclub Taipei 

Are you in search of a good club for good moments and fun filled clubs to be on your night out at Taipei then OMNI nightclub is the place to be. OMNI is the original Taipei superclub, situated in the busy and trendy Taipei City, Da’an District, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road. At OMNI Nightclub you will find a top-of-the-line sound system that pumps out dance music. The nightclub attracts a wide range of clubbers, all of whom tend to get rather dressed up for the night. If you’re looking to meet some suave men or gorgeous women, this is a good place to start. The music is mostly EDM and club favourites. The club also hosts events and shows by well-known international DJs. The huge dance floor can hold several thousand people, which makes Omni stylish club perfect for a night of dancing.

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Does Taipei have good nightlife?

Where to Go at Night in Taipei? Nightlife in Taipei is so busy and bustling that the city is almost livelier after dark than during the day! There’s a lot to choose from, ensuring that most tastes are accommodated and most visitors will find something entertaining to see or do every evening.

Does Taiwan have good nightlife?

Taiwan’s nightlife scene is mostly concentrated in Taipei. The array of things you can see and do after dark there will be more than enough to keep you entertained. The pubs and clubs here are of a world-beating standard, and there’s the added entertainment of karaoke lounges, which are especially popular with locals.

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