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Bikini hosts a special Frat Themed Party every Thursday, so obviously, wear what you would to a frat party! On other nights, you need to find out the theme of the party and dress accordingly. As for the casual dress code, men can comfortably wear a fancy t-shirt, a nice collared shirt, trousers, or even fancy jeans.

Bikini is not just another night club in Barcelona; it is an experience. Being one of the oldest night clubs in town, Bikini shows its signs of age in many ways, while it shows how super modern, decadent and popular this venue is on all other ways. A massive club which has soon come to be known as one of the best gig venues in Barcelona, Bikini transforms into an all-night dance club after hours. Bikini is the most popular place for local DJ’s to show off their skills and talents, playing house, techno and black music in the Main Room, and Pure Salsa in the Salsa Room.

For those who enjoy this change of scenery from a basic night club blaring commercial music, to a night club which actually welcomes Salsa Lovers, Bikini is the absolute perfect destination for you. Located in uptown Barcelona, Bikini welcomes some of the best, hand-picked crowds of Barcelona who enjoy a great taste in music, and are willing to pay a good price for a good experience.

With some of the yummiest cocktails (although, a bit pricey), some of the best music playing all night long, and of course, some of the most talented dancers in the club, Bikini is an overall experience and a must have one, in Barcelona.

This ultimate guide of Bikini, Barcelona will tell you everything you need to know about the club, how to get there, what to wear and what to expect.

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