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Oak Barcelona, Guide & Review

Located where the former club Nick Havana once used to be, Oak Club is an up and coming nightclub which is so original and authentic that it gets bombarded by crowds all year round. The décor of Oak Club has been made to look like a beach club, however, unlike other beach clubs, Oak is open all year round!

Oak Club provides a nonstop entertainment zone with the perfect beach atmosphere which many people crave. Summer or winter, Oak is always open with its original style and ambience to please their clientele.

There’s no wonder behind why Oak is the most popular club amongst the young, student crowds in Barcelona. In fact, this club sees a lot of friendly student faces both local as well as international. One of the few nightclubs where you can actually get away with wearing beachwear, throwing water balloons on each other and enjoying the spectacular performances of go-go dancers, Oak club is one of a kind and extremely sought out amongst all kinds of crowds.

This is the ultimate guide to Oak Club, Barcelona. Here, you will find out everything you need to know about the different routes and modes of transport you can take there, the dress code policy, the crowds there, the kind of music and drinks you can expect, and everything else you need to know.

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