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La Fira Provenza Barcelona, Guide & Review

‘La Fira’ literally translates to The Fair. This nightclub in Barcelona excels in celebrating everything with vibrancy and exuberance. From the décor to the ambience, the cocktails, the food, the music and the kind of crowds that you will find here.

A trendy hotspot in Barcelona with an open-air terrace venue, a nightclub venue and some of the most unique and interesting parties in Barcelona; La Fira nightclub is a one of a kind space in this city. Located in an extremely elite part of town, La Fira nightclub has created the perfect harmony between modern vibes mixed with a Feng Shui style interior décor of the venue.

From evening right up to midnight, La Fira gives you an elegant and sophisticated dining experience. However, once the clock strikes midnight, La Fira transforms into a fantabulous nightclub venue with lights, sound effects, performances, drinks and some of the best parties you can ever experience. With some of the most famous faces of Hollywood often frequenting this nightclub, La Fira has become a highly sought after location for experiencing night life in Barcelona.

This is the ultimate guide to La Fira Club, Barcelona. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about the dress code policy of the club, the directions to get there, the VIP areas and drinks here, what kind of crowds you will come across, and basically everything else you need to know about this club.

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