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BlackMilk Tel Aviv, Guide & Review

Blackmilk is a dance club and nightclub. It is the largest and blackest black line in Tel Aviv! Join and stay updated! The club houses the best DJs in Israel! Hip-Hop R&B Rap Soul makes the night out exceptional in Blackmilk club.

Milk Bar, the sister of Breakfast Club, is located on Rothschild Boulevard, and while Breakfast is the perfect place to get your techno and trance fix, Milk is the perfect spot for your disco and funk needs. Milk will have you going every night of the week, and you can party until the sun comes up. A mainstay for the past ten years in Tel Aviv, Milk is certainly not to be missed if you’re looking for a wild night out to let loose. Had a particularly bad work day? Time to head over to Milk and forget your troubles for a few hours (or an entire night).

Get a first evening of its kind in Black that smashes the zizzy (An elderly male particularly containing excessive wrinkles). Proud of the new generation of singers that brought the black women to the stage; too much fun! Blackmilk nightclub is crazy with the black girls making the night superb . In presence of a female rapper with black hiosh beautifiers the night at the club further. It is a great night out at Tel Aviv if you get associated with Blackmilk nightclub.

The Staff are friendly and welcoming. You will feel at home and enjoy yourself to the fullest. The DJs make the night amazing with a great selection of music. The club plays every genre of music from dance, electronic and house rock, pop and reggae attracting performers from all backgrounds. Wear your dance floors on your night out and don’t think beyond Blackmilk destination because you are here to make your heart love the Tel Aviv nights out. Just present yourself the rest to us. Enjoy!

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