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Bootleg is where to be on your night out at Tel Aviv. In one of the busiest streets in Tel Aviv, King George, you will find a club that everyone in the nightlife scene of Tel Aviv knows. Bootleg bar is the best place to watch live music in Tel Aviv. To the untrained eye, it looks like an ordinary entrance to a club, but when you pass through the main door and start to descend you discover a whole new world of sounds and energy. The Bootleg club has a vibrant atmosphere that is addictive. The minute you go down those stairs, you instantly detach yourself from the outside world and all that matters is the right here and now. That magical moment on the dance floor that lasts forever.

The club offers 2 dance floors, and every night of the weekend they play different types of music. From Techno to house and hip hop, you will surely find the type of beat that you like to move your feet to. At Bootleg club there is great sound, lighting and design, so that you are assured of a high-end experience.  The club ensures the city never sleeps and never stops. Every night you will find another dance floor in the city where you can dance until the early morning hours. The majority of the employees are there for 3 years which shows you how much people feel at home there and enjoy the vibe of the place. The staff is like a big family that embraces each other and the crowd loves it.

More than half of their staff are happily married or in deep committed relationships and yet, they are in this business because they enjoy the nightlife and appreciate the passion of creating great experience for their guests. High quality people who run one of the most high-quality night clubs in Tel Aviv. You can always check out the Bootleg for yourself on our Friday pub crawls.

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