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Noise Tel Aviv, Guide & Review

Night club in Tel Aviv, Israel. Recommended event on Friday with classic rock party on 3 floors. Full moon rock party with body and sea paintings stand surprises and exhibit crazy set, ultra lighting. This only happens once a year. Location is convenient, close to town center, 15 minutes’ walk to / from Hashalom station. The staff is very accommodating and extremely very nice. From its state of the art analog sound system, to their ability to lure in the world renowned Djs every weekend.

Come join us for your night out and have what we have prepared for you.  The Noise night club has 3 floors with the classic rock on the 3 floors on Friday. There is an annual “full moon” production duplex. Are you glowing and ready then this is the place for you to experience the most memorable night out.  

The crazy set, ultra lighting and body and sea paintings stand surprises making the looks in the club outstanding. Join our line members now and enter a discount for all productions of the noise in the duplex by sending a name, phone, preferred musical style and confirmation for party texts in a duplex.

Back to dancing in a huge rock party with 3 floors.  Noise rock party is the most appealing and you will enjoy it to the fullest.  Small in size yet big in sound, the club plays a blend of Israel funk, new rave and electro sets. The club plays every genre of music, from dance, electro and house to rock, pop and reggae, and attracts partygoers and performers from all backgrounds.  It is the city’s most acclaimed mega clubs. And hosts a roster of internationally renowned DJs on most weekends throughout the year.  The club also hosts a variety of themed nights and live shows.

Welcome and let’s party together and make your night out memorable!

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