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Sarona is a small, cute city-center village with shopping, bars and restaurants. There is also a market. Digging deeper as there are restaurants and bars in the basements of the German-built houses. Very nice place with old reserved buildings, a lot of grass, coffee houses, restaurants and all kinds of stores. Very clean and very civilized market, an upmarket. I was particularly pleased with a few wine stores specializing in Israeli wines. The best parts of the market are the various sit-down eateries / restaurants. Sarona is a reconstructed German settlement with many interesting places to see, eat and shop. There’s a nice whiskey distillery and museum, many cafes, bakeries and restaurants, boutique local production shops and even a few fashion stores. The center operates on Saturdays.

Sarona thrives as a historical garden park, shopping mall, food mall, historical site with mini museums, children’s play area and fine dining / pub venue. Sarona is remarkable for having so much to do in a small area. Sarona Market is a beautiful park with an indoor marketplace with restaurants and food stores. There is a play area for children, fish ponds to sit around. It is surrounded by stores for many popular clothing brands and more formal restaurants than inside the marketplace.

The hipsters have taken over and the unique character of this area is morphing into yet another spectacle of awesome upscale with an incredible indoor food market that is just literally beautiful and interesting, but could be in any city, while the interesting little buildings seem to offer less and walking around not as compelling, but lovely space, with ponds and flowers and an urban oasis surrounded by glass and chrome encroaching city. Wide open spaces and small clean lined structures. This place is great lots of people sitting and enjoying time and I only really saw that at the beach. Lots of green space here and there is so many stores. You don’t really see or understand it until you have taken the free tour for the historical value and understand of this German town’s importance.

Great place for families and children. On the weekend, there are many activities and special outdoor performances. Obviously, there are plenty of food places to choose from. Nice and worth a visit.

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