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Bling Bling Barcelona, Guide & Review

The popular club, Bling Bling situated in uptown Barcelona, Carrer de Tuset is notorious for its glamour and luxuriousness, attracting the sophisticated, posh crowd into its gleaming ambience.

If you are looking for elegance and style, Bling Bling is all about these two characteristics. The interior of the club gives a feeling of a classic hotel’s hallway which greets you with genuine generosity. The walls of Bling Bling are not just walls but an exciting sight to eyes as they are embedded with gold microcrystals. The walls that rise above to meet with the sloping ceiling further enhances the whole scenery of Bling Bling. Each corner of this club has been embellished with the large luminous jewels which emphasize the details of the corners. All in all, the interior of the club does justice to its name, Bling Bling.

The parties like Obsession at Bling Bling are the reason for you to be here and have the luxury-full night and the fun is guaranteed through all night. The collection of music we have at Bling Bling entails a collection of genres such as electronic, hip hop, party music, commercial house, and dance. Dance, groove, and move along the music beats while you enjoy fancy and exotic cocktails. Bling Bling has for its comers the two different VIP areas along with two cocktail bars where you can sit, lounge, and have fun.

Give yourself a special dose of fun within the gleaming walls and raging fun at this amazing nightclub. To enter this fun-filled paradise, you must be of age 21+ or 18+. Although, age limits entirely depend on the days-schedule. Bling Bling is no doubt the place to live away your night amongst the superfluous fun, glamor, and luxury.
Be our guest, we make your Friday nights super fun!

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