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Bus Palladium Paris , Guide & Review

Now, equipped with a world class sound system but yet, holding on to its vintage décor, Le Bus Palladium is the ultimate go to place to enjoy Parisian rock.

The club nights are held on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so be sure to find out what kind of programs are going on so that you don’t miss out on anything legendary. However, Le Bus Palladium is open from Tuesdays through Saturdays. With a restaurant right above the club, party goers can run upstairs for an appetising meal and head on right back down to the dance floor when they are done.

Keep in mind though, Tuesday nights are ladies nights, so free entry and drinks for the ladies! Make sure to avail of it.

This article will give you the ultimate guide for Le Bus Palladium club in Paris, so give it a good read to find out all about the do’s and don’ts so that you don’t face any problems with the security.

Location and how to get to Le Bus Palladium
Le Bus Palladium is located exactly at the address of 6 Rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris. This club stands proudly apart from all the other clubs in Paris, being the only all rock venue in town. Located right at the center of Pigalle; the epicenter for Parisian nightlife, is won’t be too much of a search to find the legendary Le Bus Palladium once you are here.

Want to know how to get there? Well, since the club is conveniently located bang in the center of the throbbing nightlife of Paris, finding the club really shouldn’t be much of a problem.

There are 20 neighborhoods in Paris in all, each one named and numbered numerically.

From the legendary point of the Eiffel Tower (7th number neighborhood), Le Bus Palladium can be reached by a taxi in just under 20 minutes flat. However, keep in mind that due to the business of this prime location, traffic can be quite nasty.

There are several subways which would take you to your destination in Pigalle, after which you will need to take just a short walk to reach the club. However, this short walk gives you ample chances to bask in the beauty and aura of the romantic city of PARIS.

From Marais, which is the 4th neighborhood in Paris, Le Bus Palladium is just a 25 minute car ride. The bus route would take you there within 30 minutes, after which you will need to take a short walk to reach the club.

From Saint Germaine, which is a popular locality in Paris (6th), a 2 minute drive is all that would take to reach the club. Of course, being at such a short distance, you could simply enjoy a relaxing walk down to the club (taken that you aren’t dress in knockout heels) which should just about take you to the club within 5 to 6 minutes.

From the Palais Royale, which is a popular center for tourists to reside in when in Paris, reaching the club should just take about 20 minutes via bus, and just 10 minutes by car!

Dress Code & Age Requirement

Anyone over the age of 18 can peacefully enter Le Bus Palladium; of course, you don’t even need to be 18 to enjoy the famous rock themed dishes at the Le Bus Palladium restaurant on the first floor. However, you will have your ID checked if you try and enter the lounge or the nightclub.

As for the dress code, Le Bus Palladium is ironically strict about their dress code. For an institution which is all about fun and rock and roll, the dress code guidelines must be followed to the T, otherwise the bouncers will swiftly deny you entry into the club. The dress code policy clearly states ‘Jackets required’, so make sure that you are well prepared when going to Le Bus Palladium.

As for shoes, the ladies should wear modest heels, nothing too high, and nothing open toed. The idea is to look as classy and sophisticated as possible. For the men, you can opt for formal shoes, loafers but it is an absolute must to wear calf length grey or black socks along with it. Remember, the bouncers at Le Bus Palladium have quite a keen eye for detail, so it would not be possible for you to sneak past them without them noticing.

Weekly Program

Le Bus Palladium opens up at 8 am and stays open till 2 am on Tuesdays, and 6 am on other days. The club is open from Tuesdays through Saturdays only, closed on all other days. Club nights however, are on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

From live sets, to DJ nights, concerts and events being held on different nights, Le Bus Palladium hosts an array of exciting nights which are an absolutely blasphemy to miss out on! This club is the temple of rock music in Paris, and hosts all sorts of parties and concerts on different days.

Tuesday nights are ladies nights, which means free entry and free drinks for the ladies. You can be sure to run into some of the most exotic local Parisian beauties as well as many from outside as well.

During the weekends, you can expect some of the most popular DJ’s to be playing their sets from indie and rock bands.

Sundays and Mondays the club remains shut, however, this gives you ample time to rejuvenate and ready yourself for the next set of fun and madness which starts all over again from Tuesday all through to Saturdays!

Music Style

There are three distinctive floors of Le Bus Palladium; the ground floor consists of the nightclub, the second floor the restaurant, and the third floor is the lounge.

Le Bus Palladium is known for its all rock encompassing music genre. You will hear DJ’s live sets, concerts and parties blaring all kinds of rock and roll in this joint. On Tuesday nights, the music from the club (played by a popular guitarist) even seeps into the menu of the restaurant.

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

The average entry fee for the club is 20 Euros, which is sensible, owing to the fact that this is by far one of the oldest and most popular joints in Paris. Tuesday, being ladies night, the women can entry free entry and even free drinks at the club.
However, if you are visiting the club with an all male company, you might face a few hiccups. It is best to take a few pretty ladies along with you.
Getting your name on the Guest List would solve most of your problems, however, keep in mind that the Guest List does not make your immune to the dress code policy of the club.

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

Being a popular venue for Parisian rock lovers, there are quite a few VIP tables here, which you can enjoy with prior booking. Enjoy the most luxurious bottles of champagne starting from 100 Euros. Le Bus Palladium is filled to the brim with the chicest, most gorgeous crowds of Paris, so booking a VIP table will definitely take you a long way.

Drink Prices

Being a decently upscale nightclub in Paris, the drinks here start from 10 Euros each, going up to 15, 20, and even higher, based on the kind of liquor you order! This club is quite well known for their reasonably priced drinks which taste absolutely delicious, so be sure to try them out.

Our Recommendations

While 20 Euros for an entry fee might seem like a steep, keep in mind that you are about to experience a wild night at one of the most legendary clubs in the entire city. Keeping that in mind, 20 Euros does not seem like that much anymore.

Of course, getting your name on the Guest List will always be a boon. However, keep in mind that the bouncers here are way too strict for comfort, so follow the dress code policy to the nines.

It always helps if you are a man entering the club with a few pretty girls. Somehow, they seem to melt the bouncers, just a little bit!

Located at the most happening nightlife spot in Paris, finding a ride to the exact location might be a little bit of a pain. If you are a tourist, the taxis might just take advantage of your vulnerability and take you around in winding circles, trying to ring you up a higher bill. However, the public transport system works beautifully here, and you should take full advantage of it.

Well, seems like you are prepared to enjoy your night at Le Bus Palladium without any hiccups!

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