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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Paris

1) Les Bains Douches Paris

Les Bains Douches Paris

Les Bains Douches Paris has become a popular venue for parties, ceremonies, and of course, inspirational music events in Paris. A few great minds came forward and decided to save this Parisian icon from decadence, transforming it into one of the most exciting and breathe taking venues in Paris. An extremely bold and very artistic venture soon turned into a hotspot for vibrant party animals in Paris looking to enjoy a slice of the great Parisian night life.

2) Bus Palladium Paris

Bus Palladium Paris

Bus Palladium Paris is a club nights are held on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so be sure to find out what kind of programs are going on so that you don’t miss out on anything legendary. However, Le Bus Palladium is open from Tuesdays through Saturdays. With a restaurant right above the club, party goers can run upstairs for an appetising meal and head on right back down to the dance floor when they are done.

3) Bagatelle Paris

Bagatelle Paris

Bagatelle Paris has been simplified by the club itself so that wonderful customers like you don’t miss out on this brilliant opportunity to pay their visit to the club. From Pont de Neuilly Metro, Bagatelle runs a bus service which will take you right to the club from this point. The bus service is completely free, and runs every half hour. Reaching the club has never been easier!

4) Glazart Paris

Glazart Paris

Glazart Paris is known as more of an experience, than a nightclub venue. This unique and extremely popular venue has slowly but surely crept up the ladder to reach the spot of ‘the best places to visit when in Paris’. An old bus station which has been transformed into a venue, Glazart is famous not only for hosting some of the most eventful concerts, exhibitions and parties, but also for turnings its parking lot into an artificial beach during the summers.

5) Matignon Paris

Matignon Paris

Matignon Paris is a nightclub below is better known as the secret playground of Paris, where the hottest crowds of the city meet to enjoy the edge musical programs and dive into the finest décor and ambience you can find in this city. Matignon caters not only to the rich and famous of the city, but also to clients globally, in an extremely popular spot with a jet setting international atmosphere.

6) VIP ROOM Paris


VIP ROOM Paris club is for the top VIP’s, both local and international. Probably one of the only places in Paris where you will find a unique dance floor which literally rotates! The expert dancers of the club manoeuvre their way, jumping on and off the rotating dance floor to create a superb effect. VIP Room is one of the most popular dance clubs in Paris, and most of the famous celebrities visiting Paris make it a point to pay a visit to this club during their visit.

7) Raspoutine Paris

Raspoutine Paris

Raspoutine Paris is Designed by an artist, Raspoutine Club has a mysterious and mystic appeal to it from head to toe. The most exquisite venue for cabarets in Paris, Raspoutine Club finds its walls lined with velvet, fur, and luxury. Looking like no less than a palace, Raspoutine Club has a glamorous appeal to it which brings party lovers from far and wide to visit this very famous spot in the magical city of Paris.

8) Le Duplex Paris

 Le Duplex Paris

Le Duplex Paris is the ultimate place to visit if you wish to have a pure, Parisian experience of a hip club filled with young students and party lovers. Located at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, Le Duplex also has a restaurant, Le Vogue, which serves great French cuisine. Le Duplex promises to serve its clientele with an experience, and that too, a unique one. You will not find this club to be very extravagant, luxurious or pretentious. Instead, this multi floor venue is just what it is- a pure, Parisian night club experience.

9) Mix Club Paris

Mix Club Paris

Mix Club Paris opens its doors every week, welcoming a whopping 1500 clubbers every week. The club that puts the ‘electric’ in Electronica, Mix Club is a temple of strobing lights, blinding LED displays and the most overwhelming audio visual experience that you can imagine. With lights bright enough to give the young party goers a fake tan, Mix Club is filled with swarming student crowds looking for a true Parisian night club experience.

10) L’Arc Club Paris

L’Arc Club Paris

L’Arc Club Paris is Located right at the base of the popular Arc de Triomphe, L’Arc Club has turned the Paris hip hop club scene around completely. Not just a night club, but an elaborate arrangement of a bar, a supper club along with a VIP area, L’Arc Club is a breath taking venue which brings all its customers to a standstill.

11) Palais Maillot Paris

Palais Maillot Paris

Palais Maillot Paris is a modern nightclub in Paris, that first opened its doors in 2007. within the Palais de Congres. The venue has a contemporary design with black walls, reds and purples for the seating areas, with classical baroque styled chandeliers that totally contrast with the chic and modern design of this venue. It is quite nicely sized, with an open dance floor, an elevated bar area, and a tunnel of booths. The overall theme is that of a grand ballroom, warm wooden floorboards, elaborate chandeliers, and a rococo-style bar create a sense of relaxation and warmth.

12) Pachamama Paris

Pachamama Paris

Pachamama Paris is Located in the heart of Paris, within walking distance from Place de la Bastille, this Parisian dinner-club nestled itself in an impressive historic building of the 19th century by Gustave Eiffel, hoping to blow you away by reinventing the festive spirit and offering you the soul of South America. Pachamama is a 3000 square meters venue, with four floors, linked by a majestic staircase, classed as a historical monument. This place is inspired by South America, and every square meter offers a unique ambiance. From the minute you step inside, you will be fascinated with the Ballroom characterized by the Latino touch of the bar and its long clay counter, enchanting and hypnotizing décor draws its inspiration from southern American regions.

13) T7 Paris

T7 Paris

T7 Paris  also known as Terminal 7 is one of the newer Parisian clubs. It is located at Porte de Versailles and it is concieved as an indoor rooftop with a massive terrace for electronic events. T7 is a very big club with a room located high up with a breathtaking view over Paris. Club has a 1000m2 space with 400m2 of terrace space. Its interior is simply stunning, with neon lights covering the walls, and an amazing arhitecture overall.

14) Petit Bain Paris

Petit Bain Paris

Petit Bain Paris  is not your everday typical venue, venue space is designed by the architects of the Encore Heureux collective in the form of a floating barge: a convivial 45-metre-long space with an unobstructed view of the Seine! Petit Bain is located on the Seine next to the Josephine Baker swimming pool in the 13th arrondissement. It is a 450-seat space for various entertainment programs, concerts and performances, but their main focus is current music and new art forms, they also have a restaurant an artist’s space and a resource centre.

15) Nouveau Casino Paris

Nouveau Casino Paris

Nouveau Casino Paris is a mythical place for Parisian night outs, located in 109 rue oberkampf, this venue is a concert hall and a night club with a great taste for the underground. The place has recently changed ownership, but still maintained its futuristic architecture and decoration, as well as the legendary identity of this club. Their sound systems and varied program have made their reputation, in addition to hosting major international artists such as Diplo, M.I.A., or Lana Del Rey, Nouveau Casino has always wanted to highlight and support the local artistic figures.

16) Le Baron Paris

Le Baron Paris

Le Baron Paris is a nightclub located in 6 avenue Marceau Paris, this nightclub used to be a symbol of Parisian nights and it quickly got the epithet of the sexiest spot in Paris. Le baron was a combination of old school boheme and modern clubbing trends, with its unique, fun and artistic environment, perfect for date nights and friend gatherings.

17) Le Bus Palladium Paris

Le Bus Palladium Paris

Le Bus Palladium Paris is a night club located near Moulin Rouge, that draws fans of rock ‘n’ roll since 1965. Today, there are very few places in Paris that feature an all rock nightclub venue. If rock is your thing, then Le Bus Palladium is a must visit for you when you are in Paris. In 60s this club attracted all the big names, from Johnny Hallyday to the Beatles and the Stones. The legendary nightspot was even immortalised by Serge Gainsbourg in his song “Qui est in? Qui est out?”. After a few years of being shut, this iconic nightclub has opened its doors to patronizing fans once again.

18) Showcase Paris

Showcase Paris

Showcase Paris is a unique nightclub located under the famous Pont Alexandre III at the Seine’s bank. It is a very unique venue, because it was intended to be a hangar boat, that later got turned into a club. It features stone arches inside that give this place an underground feel and it is especially beautiful at night because of the view on Seine. Showcase club is well known for showcasing future superstar bands, this is where the idea for this nightclub name came to life. If you are into discovering new bands or DJs this is the place!

19) Garage Paris

Garage Paris

Garage Paris is a club that opened in 2017, in the place of the former Grand Rivage. It was first supposed to be short-lived, but it got established and it gained popularity throughout all these years, and it stayed in business, as the newest member of the club family of the district. It is located on the quay of Austerlitz facing the Seine, giving a mesmerizing view. This club conveys a simple concept: excellent sound, sharp line-ups and a friendly welcome to a great indoor and outdoor venue.

20) Wanderlust Paris

Wanderlust Paris

Wanderlust Paris also offers an interior dance floor where the music varies and offers a change of scenery. When you enter this venue, and pass throught its space, you are passing exhibitions of art, because this building is multi-functional, it features a fashion and design museum a restaurant, and shops which is worth visiting during the day. At night, this is a place to be, quite literally because Wanderlust was declared 2012’s ‘place to be’ by Paris’s fashionistas.

21) Batofar Paris

Batofar Paris

Batofar Paris was an old lighthouse boat that used to patrol the waters, helping and guiding other boats, it was sold in 1988 and it is permanently moored on the River Seine. This gave a new idea and this old lighthouse ship got a new purpose, it is a concert venue, restaurant and a night club. Batofar started a new trend of unusual venues being purposed as nightclubs, restaurants.. etc. This lighthouse boat is located in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris along the River Seine at the foot of the Bibliotheque National de France library, in the Bercy area close to the Parc de Bercy.

22) Aquarium Club paris

Aquarium Club paris

Aquarium Club paris is a restaurant, lounge and a nightclub located in the heart of arrondissement XVI, near Trocadéro Place. This place got its name for its gigantic aquarium inside, which is 8 meters high, and it features some of the most beautiful and rare fishes. This nightclub is truly a refreshing experience, it is not intended to be a wild party venue, but on the other hand it is there to give you an amazing well rounded experience. Their gigantic aquarium is the main attraction of this place, and it is out of this world, it really shines to its full glory at night time, because during the day whole venue is a restaurant. When the night comes, fish tanks lights up with beautiful sea creatures swimming around. They serve small bite size food until all tables are cleared away, opening up a big dance floor, in front of the fish tank.

23) Chacha Club Paris

Chacha Club Paris

Chacha Club Paris is located in the 1st arrondissement, in the heart of Paris, and it is known for being one of the trendiest places in the capital. Located halfway between Les Halles and Rivoli, this all-purpose nightlife venue provides a bar, restaurant, club as well as smoking room and music room. These rooms differentiate this club from its competition, because they focus on providing different ambiances. Every room is styled differently, they are all cozy, they have subdued lighting, dark walls and soft materials and they all have an intimate and festive atmosphere.

24) Jangal Paris

Jangal Paris

Jangal Paris is a night club and a cocktail bar located in 5 Avenue de l’Opera. There was a time when Paris Paris was the best Parisian night club, since then many evening organizers have succeeded each other in the den of 5, avenue de l’Opera, every year constantly improving. Jangal is a new club, a joint venture between Octave Passot, great organizer of Parisian parties and Bryan Birget manager of Toni Vegas, a DJ he has followed around the world. With their solid know-how, talent and passion for nightlife and great parties, this duo opened this chic wild nightclub.

25) Zig Zag Paris

Zig Zag Paris

Zig Zag Paris Club is a club located in the Champs Elysée Pavilion. The Zig Zag Club is an ephemeral club that only opens its doors on weekends with a program mainly oriented electronic music. This nightclub is the new playground of Stephan and Tibo”z after 3 years at the art direction of Showcase Club. The venues mix house and techno international headliners, underground discovering and coups-de-coeur with a single rule : dance floor law.

26) Le Magnifique Paris

Le Magnifique

Le Magnifique Paris is a club located in Rue de Richelieu, Paris. This night club will remind you on 1950s luxurious lounge clubs, almost like in the movies. The ambience in Le magnifique is sophisticated cool and relaxed, giving it a luxurious feel that not too many Parisian night clubs have. In this venue you will feel like a fine gentleman, especially when you are siting in gorgeous lounge seats sipping your favourite drink, and you are surrounded by elaborate conceptual artwork, faux furs and various decorations.

27) Le Yoyo Paris

 Le Yoyo Paris

Le Yoyo Paris is a fairly new place located in the heart of Palais de Tokyo, opened in 2013, in the place of the old “art déco” cinema in the basement of the museum. It features a very artistic concept, and it hosts various events, such as concerts, DJ sets, contemporary art exhibitions and private events such as cocktail parties, fashion weeks.. etc. On the weekends, several times in the month, this venue is open for live music and electro clubbing nights with local and international artists.

28) La Machine du Moulin Rouge Paris

 La Machine du Moulin Rouge Paris

La Machine du Moulin Rouge Paris was  formerly known as La Loco was born when the well known cabaret bought over the venue in 2010. This enabled this new club to take advantage of the well known and established cabaret. La Machine is truly a shape-shifting place intended to be a club and a concert venue. This nightclub features 4 main rooms across 4 levels, Le Central which is the main room, it is kind of a mini-club, La Chaufferie, which is located at the basement level, Le Bar à Bulles a terrace bar behind the Moulin Rouge and Le Toit, a beautiful rooftop space with a great view. Le Central has a capacity of 800 people and it hosts most popular artists both local and international. La Chaufferie accommodates 400 people easily.

29) Badaboum Paris

Badaboum Paris

Badaboum Paris is nightclub in Paris located in rue des Taillandiers, it represents a modern aproach to rave experience. Nightclub has a cozy booth with comfortable benches, perfect spot for relaxation with a fine drink in your hands and your friends around you. Interior of Badaboum has a very industrial feel, it is has very good lighting, projected displays and a decent size dance floor. It has a plenty of extra space, but when the crowd kicks in, you get a full dance floor.

30) Chez Regine Paris

Chez Regine Paris

Chez Regine Paris is a night club which is super modern, yet, has a touch of nostalgia. The night club was once themed as a disco from head to toe, but now, revamped, Chez Regine has a vibrant a sophisticated electro appeal. One of the biggest appeals of Chez Regine is probably their over the top, wild Thursday nights. The Pan-Pan Cul-Cul nights allow men to enjoy free entry to the club; on the condition that they come to the club dressed as women! That truly makes for an extremely wild and interesting Thursday Night at Chez Regine!

31) Le Balajo Paris

Le Balajo Paris

Le Balajo Paris is a nightclub in the center of Paris, located in one of the most popular and festive streets of the capital, heart of the Bastille district in the 11th arrondissement. This club exists since 1936, and it is more than an institution, it is a special and very unique place that offers you a trip back in time with its atmosphere and décor, all while listening and swaying to beautiful salsa tunes. This nightclub is a mythical setting with its dance hall that is a timepiece. It was built in 1936, and it will bring you back in time, while you party.

32) Rex Club Paris

Rex Club Paris

Rex Club Paris has undoubtedly been of of the best clubs of the Parisian nightlife scene. This venue is a go to place for lovers of techno and electronic music, this club has been on the scene 30 years and after all this time it has kept its authenticity and simplicity intact. Club is opened from Wednesdays to Saturdays, and unlike other clubs, the door policy for Rex Club is freeing and forgiving, also Rex Club is a go to place for party goers who love to get out of the club in the morning.

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Are clubs in Paris strict about ID?

No one brings an official French ID to the club. Because it’s likely to be stolen and it’s a hassle to replace. As for the law, all of this is legal…you can’t get arrested for not having an ID. You may be asked to prove your identity.

When do people in Paris go to clubs?

Parisians usually go out around 6pm for an after-work drink. Then there is dinner at 8pm, followed by a pre-party in the bar from 9pm to 10pm.

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