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Paris is not just a fashion icon for high-end clothes; it’s also a site where most aesthetic and elegant clubs can be found. All the clubs have their own setup for different music genres. Following clubs mentioned are some of the party houses famously known for electronic dance music for techno lovers.  With the beautiful interior and incredible drinks, they are surely going to grab your hearts and keep them forever.

1. Rex Club Paris

Since it’s opening 30 years ago, Rex Club has undoubtedly been of of the best clubs of the Parisian nightlife scene. This venue is a go to place for lovers of techno and electronic music, this club has been on the scene 30 years and after all this time it has kept its authenticity and simplicity intact. Club is opened from Wednesdays to Saturdays, and unlike other clubs, the door policy for Rex Club is freeing and forgiving, also Rex Club is a go to place for party goers who love to get out of the club in the morning.

2. Wanderlust Paris

In a historic city as Paris, tourists and newcomers, will be surprised, with some of the futuristic contemporary design that is scattered in the city, places like this boost your creativity, and in city like Paris you can find them anywhere, one place that is known for this is Wanderlust.

3. Batofar Paris

Back in the old days, Batofar was an old lighthouse boat that used to patrol the waters, helping and guiding other boats, it was sold in 1988 and it is permanently moored on the River Seine. This gave a new idea and this old lighthouse ship got a new purpose, it is a concert venue, restaurant and a night club. Batofar started a new trend of unusual venues being purposed as nightclubs, restaurants.. etc. This lighthouse boat is located in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris along the River Seine at the foot of the Bibliotheque National de France library, in the Bercy area close to the Parc de Bercy.

4. Nouveau Casino Paris

The Nouveau Casino is a mythical place for Parisian night outs, located in 109 rue oberkampf, this venue is a concert hall and a night club with a great taste for the underground. The place has recently changed ownership, but still maintained its futuristic architecture and decoration, as well as the legendary identity of this club. Their soundsystems and varied program have made their reputation, in addition to hosting major international artists such as Diplo, M.I.A., or Lana Del Rey, Nouveau Casino has always wanted to highlight and support the local artistic figures.

In Conclusion

If someone is in the city and misses to enjoy the vibe in the music leagues mentioned above, they are going to regret it. Techno lovers will surely get their desires satisfied with the best electronic tunes made with all kinds of modern equipment fit for this kind of music category and planets best DJs. Enjoy the vibe of this awe-inspiring city in these stupefying clubs. Get ready and have a bit of a knees-up this night.

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