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Latin clubs in Paris? Are you reading it right? Just imagine how the Latino venues in a fashionable centre of the world will be? Well, if you are in Paris, you don’t need to imagine you can witness right now this amazing blend of Latin and french! Words cannot emphasise enough what these vibrant clubs have to offer! Give it a read to our comprehensive list of best Latin clubs in Paris, and let us know what you think.

1. Le Balajo Paris

Le Balajo Paris

The Balajo is a nightclub in the center of Paris, located in one of the most popular and festive streets of the capital, heart of the Bastille district in the 11th arrondissement. This club exists since 1936, and it is more than an institution, it is a special and very unique place that offers you a trip back in time with its atmosphere and décor, all while listening and swaying to beautiful salsa tunes. This nightclub is a mythical setting with its dance hall that is a timepiece. It was built in 1936, and it will bring you back in time, while you party.

2. Le Baron Paris

Le Baron ParisLe Baron is a nightclub located in 6 avenue Marceau Paris, this nightclub used to be a symbol of Parisian nights and it quickly got the epithet of the sexiest spot in Paris. Le baron was a combination of old school boheme and modern clubbing trends, with its unique, fun and artistic environment, perfect for date nights and friend gatherings.

3. Raspoutine Paris

Raspoutine Paris

In the very famous centre of the Golden Triangle of Paris, lies Raspoutine Club. Designed by an artist, Raspoutine Club has a mysterious and mystic appeal to it from head to toe. The most exquisite venue for cabarets in Paris, Raspoutine Club finds its walls lined with velvet, fur, and luxury. Looking like no less than a palace, Raspoutine Club has a glamorous appeal to it which brings party lovers from far and wide to visit this very famous spot in the magical city of Paris.

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In Conclusion

Le Balaji, Le Baron, and Raspoutine, how do these names pronounce? If you are a foreigner, you probably are not pronouncing it right, but however it sounds, it feels sexy. Isn’t it? If the name is this heavenly, how will the venue be? Why don’t you see for yourself and maybe make new french friends on the way?! Cheers!

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