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House music is this type of electronic dance music where you can express yourself in your own way. Besides popular tourist spots, Paris also hosts popular house music clubs, so if you are one of the house music lovers, then the following list is for you. However, these clubs mentioned below also feature other musical genres, live gigs and diverse performances by skilled local and international performers. Attentive and friendly staff serving deliciously blended cocktails, wines, to cold beers while you party to electric beats is what you need for a weekend! Cheers!

1. Wanderlust Paris

Wanderlust Paris

In a historic city as Paris, tourists and newcomers, will be surprised, with some of the futuristic contemporary design that is scattered in the city, places like this boost your creativity, and in city like Paris you can find them anywhere, one place that is known for this is Wanderlust. If you are searching for this nightclub it is hard to miss, it is very green and big… It is one of the coolest venues on the river, designed by the architects Jakob, Macfarlane, this club is spread across 1,600 square meters and it features a huge open-air terrace, perfect for watching the sunset with a good cocktail in hand, all accompanied by the sounds of DJ beats: mix house, disco, and other genres of music every night. Music is minimal techno and house on a top quality sound system.

2. Nouveau Casino Paris

Nouveau Casino Paris

The Nouveau Casino is a mythical place for Parisian night outs, located in 109 rue oberkampf, this venue is a concert hall and a night club with a great taste for the underground. The place has recently changed ownership, but still maintained its futuristic architecture and decoration, as well as the legendary identity of this club. Their soundsystems and varied program have made their reputation, in addition to hosting major international artists such as Diplo, M.I.A., or Lana Del Rey, Nouveau Casino has always wanted to highlight and support the local artistic figures.

3. Le Duplex Paris

Le Duplex Paris

A trendy night club in Paris welcoming some of the youngest clientele, Le Duplex Club, Paris, is the ultimate place to visit if you wish to have a pure, Parisian experience of a hip club filled with young students and party lovers. Located at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, Le Duplex also has a restaurant, Le Vogue, which serves great French cuisine.

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In Conclusion

Wanderlust, Nouveau Casino, and Le Duplex Paris, these nightspots mentioned above, are the best House Music venues in Paris. If you are a fan of this particular genre, you sure don’t want to miss these nightclubs. It is now or never! Best of luck!


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