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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best hip hop clubs in Paris. (More in-depth further below)

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This outstanding country Paris is where you can witness the elegant and extravagant vibe at its nightspots. Its night flow is unique and sexy with all the high-end architecture equipment and performers that are beautiful and blessed with exceptional talent waiting for you to turn your night into a memorable event. Following mentioned clubs offer all the features a VIP club should! With luxurious layout to top class service, these places are where you want to take your crew for your special night. Best of luck!

1. VIP ROOM Paris

As suggestive as the name is, VIP Room, Paris, is for the top VIP’s, both local and international. Probably one of the only places in Paris where you will find a unique dance floor which literally rotates! The expert dancers of the club manoeuvre their way, jumping on and off the rotating dance floor to create a superb effect. VIP Room is one of the most popular dance clubs in Paris, and most of the famous celebrities visiting Paris make it a point to pay a visit to this club during their visit.

2. Raspoutine Paris

In the very famous centre of the Golden Triangle of Paris, lies Raspoutine Club. Designed by an artist, Raspoutine Club has a mysterious and mystic appeal to it from head to toe. The most exquisite venue for cabarets in Paris, Raspoutine Club finds its walls lined with velvet, fur, and luxury. Looking like no less than a palace, Raspoutine Club has a glamorous appeal to it which brings party lovers from far and wide to visit this very famous spot in the magical city of Paris.

3. Badaboum Paris 

Badaboum is nightclub in Paris located in rue des Taillandiers, it represents a modern aproach to rave experience. Nightclub has a cozy booth with comfortable benches, perfect spot for relaxation with a fine drink in your hands and your friends around you. Interior of Badaboum has a very industrial feel, it is has very good lighting, projected displays and a decent size dance floor. It has a plenty of extra space, but when the crowd kicks in, you get a full dance floor.

4. Matignon Paris 

In a city which has night clubs and restaurants scattered on every block, it can be quite a difficult task to come up with a new concept venue which impresses the rich and famous of Paris. Matignon Club is a restaurant and night club which caters to the chicest of the chic in this majestic city. With a restaurant serving food which is fit for the royals, Matignon Club has its nightclub situated right below the restaurant.

5. Le Baron Paris 

Le Baron is a nightclub located in 6 avenue Marceau Paris, this nightclub used to be a symbol of Parisian nights and it quickly got the epithet of the sexiest spot in Paris. Le baron was a combination of old school boheme and modern clubbing trends, with its unique, fun and artistic environment, perfect for date nights and friend gatherings.

In Conclusion

As mentioned above, VIP ROOM, Raspoutine Paris, Badaboum, Matignon Paris, and Le Baron Paris are the VIP venues where you can experience the utmost elite night lifestyle. The gorgeous Paris has to offer! Cheers!  

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