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Le Bus Palladium Paris, Guide & Review

Le Bus Palladium is a night club located near Moulin Rouge, that draws fans of rock ‘n’ roll since 1965. Today, there are very few places in Paris that feature an all rock nightclub venue. If rock is your thing, then Le Bus Palladium is a must visit for you when you are in Paris. In 60s this club attracted all the big names, from Johnny Hallyday to the Beatles and the Stones. The legendary nightspot was even immortalised by Serge Gainsbourg in his song “Qui est in? Qui est out?”. After a few years of being shut, this iconic nightclub has opened its doors to patronizing fans once again.

Le Bus Palladium is a mythic venue organised around a small stage and a long, well-lit bar. This place has been renovated numerous times and its sound and light systems updated, yet its rock spirit remains intact. Club features 70s inspired vintage wallpapers, retro pinball machine, and a photo booth, that contributes to a hip club feel.
There are three distinctive floors of Le Bus Palladium; the ground floor consists of the nightclub, the second floor the restaurant, and the third floor is the lounge.

The club nights are held on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so be sure to find out what kind of programs are going on so that you don’t miss out on anything legendary. However, Le Bus Palladium is open from Tuesdays through Saturdays. With a restaurant right above the club, party goers can run upstairs for an appetising meal and head on right back down to the dance floor when they are done.

Of course, getting your name on the Guest List will always be a boon. However, keep in mind that the bouncers here are way too strict for comfort, so follow the dress code policy to the nines.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

Anyone over the 18 can enter Le Bus Palladium; of course, you don’t even need to be 18 to enjoy the famous rock themed dishes at the Le Bus Palladium restaurant on the first floor. However, you will have your ID checked if you try and enter the lounge or the nightclub.

As for the dress code, Le Bus Palladium is ironically strict about their dress code. For an institution which is all about fun and rock and roll, the dress code guidelines must be followed to the T, otherwise the bouncers will swiftly deny you entry into the club. The dress code policy clearly states ‘Jackets required’, so make sure that you are well prepared when going to Le Bus Palladium. The idea is to look as classy and sophisticated as possible.

Weekly Program

From live sets, to DJ nights, concerts and events being held on different nights, Le Bus Palladium hosts an array of exciting nights which are an absolutely blasphemy to miss out on! This club is the temple of rock music in Paris, and hosts all sorts of parties and concerts on different days.

Tuesday nights are ladies nights, which means free entry and free drinks for the ladies. You can be sure to run into some of the most exotic local Parisian beauties as well as many from outside as well.

During the weekends, you can expect some of the most popular DJ’s to be playing their sets from indie and rock bands.

Music Style 

Le Bus Palladium is known for its all rock encompassing music genre. You will hear DJ’s live sets, concerts and parties blaring all kinds of rock and roll in this joint. On Tuesday nights, the music from the club (played by a popular guitarist) even seeps into the menu of the restaurant.

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

The average entry fee for the club is 20 Euros, which is sensible, owing to the fact that this is by far one of the oldest and most popular joints in Paris. Tuesday, being ladies night, the women can entry free entry and even free drinks at the club.
Getting your name on the Guest List would solve most of your problems, however, keep in mind that the Guest List does not make your immune to the dress code policy of the club

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

Being a popular venue for Parisian rock lovers, there are quite a few VIP tables here, which you can enjoy with prior booking. Enjoy the most luxurious bottles of champagne starting from 100 €. Le Bus Palladium is filled to the brim with the chicest, most gorgeous crowds of Paris, so booking a VIP table will definitely take you a long way.

Drink Prices

Being a decently upscale nightclub in Paris, the drinks here start from 10 € each, going up to 15€, 20€, and even higher. This club is quite well known for their reasonably priced drinks which taste absolutely delicious, so be sure to try them out.

Our Recommendations

Of course, getting your name on the Guest List will always be a boon. However, keep in mind that the bouncers here are way too strict for comfort, so follow the dress code policy to the nines.
PRO TIP: It always helps if you are a man entering the club with a few pretty girls. Somehow, they seem to melt the bouncers, just a little bit!

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