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Cabaret Fledermaus Vienna, Guide & Review

The Cabaret Fledermaus has been in a forever relationship with music and live performance. From 1907 through the whole century to the next century, this pace has had a close association with the music. Its history has made this place the best cabaret in the city of Vienna which is second to none. if you are a music lover, then this place is exclusively meant for you. Enjoy your night amid the wonderful crowd.
The ambiance takes over you, urging you to enjoy every moment. While you sip on your drink from our bar, you will find yourself completely immersed in the reveling environment. Nothing can ever beat the joy you feel when music is playing and the vocalist singing in real-time. Because this moment, this fun is yours only, happening in the closed, intimate environment of Cabaret Fledermaus. If you have a taste for quality music, then Cabaret Fledermaus would never be a disappointment to you. We bet you will be charmed by the powerful vocals and immense lighting. The state-of-the-art sound system and the variegated lighting system light up the atmosphere, favorable for partying.
Cabaret Fledermaus is notoriously famous for its events. Each night there is a new event opening. Some of these events are Classic, Freak Out, Mercy, La Paloma, Wickie Slime & Paiper, and Boogie Night. Our special events include Falco Memorial Night, Pulp Fiction Ballrooms and the Rockabilly Bash, and concerts of diverse genres such as rock’n roll, swing, disco & soul, pop, and electronics. After midnight, striptease show starts – an entertainment like no other. You also get to watch eccentric performances of artistic pole dance and go-go dance. Cabaret Fledermaus has the intimate VIP lounge which you can avail to have private fun. Cabaret Fledermaus is also a perfect venue for birthday celebrations, business and bachelor parties. Book us for your next event.

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