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Chains Club Hamburg, Guide & Review

The Chains Club is one of the most wonderful, awe-inspiring, and high-spirited clubs in Hamburg. It can be safely bet; the Chains Club is going to be the eternal chain in your life after you visit it for the first time! The black walls of the club, give it a mystical and esoteric look. The venue is also famed for the best events and parties that ever happen in Hamburg. 

The Chains Club is a new hip-hop club in the middle of the city! The venue serves as a link between the greatest artists worldwide as in offering the musicians, DJs, speakers, visual artists, and performers, an opportunity to present themselves to the public in the most experimental ways. Not only the performers, artists, and DJs, but also the rappers make their appearance to bring you the next-level kind of entertainment. The venue is a smoker’s club but unlike a typical smoker’s club where you are likely to get an asthma attack. 

The live music session every Friday is for what most people come by and enjoy themselves to its fullest. Although, the atmosphere is dark but is sufficient to turn a bleak night into the brightest day. The session goes on till dawn. You only need to have two buttocks to dance off all through the night. There are two dancing spaces on separate floors. The atmosphere is chic and friendly that makes you feel at home!

No club can come alive without drinks. So, the Chains Club does not lack in this aspect as well. You can relish the A1 quality cocktails that are enough to quench your thirst. The staff are extremely polite and diligent; always busy to provide you with an ultimate club experience that you will fail to forget ever! Dance, Dance, Dance, like nobody’s watching you!

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