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Kaiserkeller Hamburg, Guide & Review

Opened by a trapeze artist in the year 1959 – the Kaiserkeller has been among one of the pioneers of live-music clubs in Germany. Great German and English artists including Cisco and his Dynamite, Beatles, Rory and the Hurricanes, and Tony Sheridan recorded for the club. The venue with 550 seats for guests extended a much larger space than other live-music clubs in the town.

Even today, the miscellaneous concerts of today’s artists and performers take place in Kaiserkeller. Sometimes guitar-heavy and loud, sometimes soulful and gentle! With its newbies’ shows, the venue has created a platform for new and young artists to make a name and great music for themselves. If no drum beats and guitar sounds can be heard in the basement area, the Kaiserkeller gets transformed into a most famous and loved party venue on the weekend. The best mix of metal, rock, gothic, and Hip Hop is offered in Kaiserkeller

The Beatles Lounge is a smoking area with gigantic prints of the bands as well as the quotes from the best songs on the walls. The translucent floors are decorated with the newspaper clippings from the flyers of recent times. The venue prides itself in hosting the best parties and events that ever happen in the town. Kaiserkeller has all the necessary entertainment elements, which combine to make up a perfect nightclub. The best liquors and cocktails are offered by the most welcoming and pleasing bartenders. 

If you are planning to visit Kaiserkeller for the first time; be prepared for anything! The venue will inspire you to the level that you may forget to go to any of your past-favorite nightclubs ever again. This one of a kind club is nothing less than a once in a lifetime opportunity to have! We wish you merriest time to be spent at Kaiserkeller!

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