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Hafenklang Hamburg, Guide & Review

One of the most paramount, popular, and anti-racism nightclubs in Hamburg is Hafenklang. A small, street club that is enough to quench your thirst for live music, dancing, drinking, and gaming. Hafenklang respects and serves every guest equally. The management believes that the best answers to racial discrimination  are music and laughter. 

Hafenklang is relatively small but among the most loved night places in Hamburg. Guests from far off places visit this unique venue and become regular customers of it. Hafenklang has two separate concerts’ rooms on two different floors. The above concert room is called Golden Salon as its walls are painted in golden. The bar is located downstairs. The world-class beverages, cocktails, and wines are served by the nice-looking and pleasing bartenders, who would make you forget all the delicious tastes you had ever have anywhere else. 

Different musicians and bands come to Hafenklang on different days of the week. The Tuesday night is reserved Jonah Matranga, who is a talented rock artist from the USA. His style and sound do not fit any genres but are somewhere in between The Clash, Bjrok, and Prince. Wednesday is supposed to bring famous Yard Bomb and other guest DJs such as Razors and Suck. Added to that, the after-show party with DJ Wasted and Dark Bootle is going to happen on the same night.  All of them make Hafenklang come to life with their excellent performances. Thursday’s night slot is reserved for Bob Log III from the US. You can hardly find any place in the world, where Bob Log III has not gone to perform. 

This is just a highlight! You have to visit  Hafenklang physically to check what it is offering on other nights of the week! Only then you can understand what fun and liveliness the venue has to offer, once you visit this wonderful place, physically. 

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