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Große Freiheit 36 Hamburg


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Große Freiheit 36 Hamburg, Guide & Review

Große Freiheit 36 is the favorite club among people who know what hard-partying is all about! The dance enthusiasts come up to this energetic, vibrant, and get up and go kind of venue to start their weekend from! Chase the fun on a big floor with table football, a variety of delicious drinks, dance platforms, and a big light show for a most successful party-weekend! Große Freiheit 36 is a famous club on the street. It has all the entertaining aspects for what the young at hearts get attracted to. You can hardly find such a bright and breezy club anywhere in Hamburg.

‘All Styles, All Charts’ is the motto of Große Freiheit 36. All styles of music and dances are on offer here! The drinks and cocktail menu is unfortunately awesome. The most thirst-quenching and delicious drinks by the pleasing and nice-looking bartenders are likely to make you forget all other pleasures . The lighting and sound systems are superb! The local talent as well as world-acknowledged DJs, artists, and performers come up to Große Freiheit 36 to make this club alive and kicking. Many genres including Electro, House, RnB, Techno, and more offer in Große Freiheit 36. 

All you need to have the two buttocks to come to this one of a kind, bubbly place. You cannot resist dancing all through the night. Große Freiheit 36 has always adapted to the changing needs of the time, which is why people of all ages relate to it. The staff and management are polite, welcoming, and trouble-free. Have a great and full of a fun night at Große Freiheit 36. The energy exuberance of the place are matchless. The once in a lifetime kind of rest and recreation await you at Große Freiheit 36. So, what are you waiting for! Get up and go! Hurry up!

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