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Chikago Bar – St. Pauli Hamburg, Guide & Review

Since the 80’s, subsequent to the closure of all-time famous Star Club, the modern and chic Chikago Bar has been serving as an inventory for the live music sessions for Hamburg and also as a meeting spot for the neighborhood greats. Except if you are busy playing the piano or dancing your ass off on the table; with the most thirst-quenching cocktails and live music session, you can party hard at the Chikago Bar until the day rises again! 

The inside of the bar is as luminous and dazzling as the outside. It is all illuminated in red. The intense lighting with vibrant loud music makes it a dreamlike kind of a place. The venue also serves as a round-off spot for the people, who after a long and tiring day, come by and recline here to shed off all the exhaustion and get the vigor for the next long day. This is what the visitors tell about Chikago Bar. 

The best cocktails of the world-class standard are the norm of Chikago. The most thirst-quenching drinks are on offer that will leave you with ultimate satisfaction. You can also enjoy games like snooker and other board games to make the merriest times with your friends. The staff and management are extremely welcoming and polite. Always seem busy serving you with the best services possible! The Bar also serves as the meeting spot where people unwind with friends after a long and tiring day.

If you are planning to give Chikago Bar a visit, think not twice! Be prepared for anything! A once in a lifetime kind of fun awaits you here! We can safely bet, this venue will become your all-time favorite spot after you visit it once. Get up and be at Chikago at your earliest! 

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