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Chutney CBR Canberra, Guide & Review

If you are bored of your local music and wanna hear something refreshing with a Bollywood beat, this is the place you want to be. Best place to let everything out with some desi bhangra (wild Punjabi dance) and a magical Bollywood mix. The term Chutney means a mixture of various condiments to make a spicy sauce, and the owner of this club has done the same to music, accentuating Western beat by blending it with flavourful upbeat Bollywood jingle to put together a magical potion for ears. One needs to buy tickets beforehand because all are sold out once the dates are near.

The club is a multipurpose venue where you can enjoy music or organize your private event too. Interior is well decorated with lights hanging from the ceilings, trees lit with fairy lights, and comfortable sofas are also placed if you get tired of all the dance you will be compelled to do. It is a well-to-do place to bring your friends and family and have a unique experience. You will find staff to be extremely friendly and helpful tending to every need of yours! They have taken good care of the security and hired top-notched bodyguards to make your experience smooth. Places like this are few and far between. Many people from Pakistan and India are living in Australia, and if you are one of a desi person, looking for someplace to feel like your own, this is it! Feel like home in a different country! This place is not only restricted to Indians; anyone can go and experience cultural diversity in music. It’s not about understanding the song; it is more than that! It is about feeling the beat and dance like one; after all, music is the language of love!

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