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Located in the heart of Belconnen is an essential cornerstone of the Canberra music industry called The basement. When you open the door, you will be taken away by its dark and grungy Decoration, which is just mesmerizing, with guitars hanging from the ceiling, posters on the wall, and not just any guitars; if you look closely, you will see signatures of recognized artists! This rock venue is the only perfect place in Canberra for music lovers! With a massive main stage and a separate intimate backstage, this club hosts two shows simultaneously! With good acoustics and modern equipment, bands of different genres play at this place, making it one of the best places for live music in Canberra.

The basement is much more than just a metal venue. It is a place where you and your friends can come to relax; besides enjoying a live show, you can sit by the pool tables or play pinball and feast at Chompy’s. This club features five pool tables, nine pinball machines, an outdoor area, a smoking area, three bars with a reasonable range of beers on tap and a kitchen famously known as Chompy’s. If you are not a club person, you can dine here without entering the club. It has a separate dining and bar area. Food is western styled from generously sized hotdogs, delicious burgers to plenty of vegan options, Chompy’s serve all.

Service is impeccable with the most welcoming staff. They are very friendly with no judgmental attitude. The basement has such a relaxed atmosphere to shake it out or cut loose. The club is also open for birthday reservations and parties. On your special day, the bar’s crew will treat you like a rockstar! It has a strict policy against sexual harassment. This is the place where you can feel safe, meet new people and enjoy yourself without worrying!

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