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Mooseheads Pub and Nightclub Canberra, Guide & Review

Located at 105 London Circuit is Canberra’s best place for special occasions. With multiple rooms available at four different levels, this club hosts corporate functions, social events, birthday parties, or even casual get together simultaneously, under the most relaxing and chill environment. When day turns to night, this place becomes the benchmark of nightlife in Canberra. The Interior of this club gives a homely and cosy Italian vibe with state of the art decor. Mooseheads Pub & Nightclub truly is the Little Italy of Australia’s capital. Highly talented and well known international as well as local DJs perform here. Upstairs is more of an old music vibe with some old school R&B, dance and heavier club sounds. In contrast, downstairs has an eclectic vibe with rock and new and old school tunes. Besides music, downstairs also features various games from football to pool tables and loads more!

This high-end venue has become a typical destination for enthusiastic teenagers looking for a good night. With several bars and attentive staff, sip on your favourite cocktail and dance to the beat! Everything is spotless and well arranged. The dance floor itself is quite well kept and pleasant. Have a drink and then hit the floor. This club does not allow you to take a drink with you on the dance floor for hygienic and safety purposes; you don’t want to splash it on someone or make the dance floor sticky.

Mooseheads Pub and Nightclub captures the clientele for the time of day and night. Besides entertainment, it also boasts an eatery so you can have it all in one place. It serves all budgets with a wide variety on the menu and Happy hours for cheap food and drinks!

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