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Circolo Magnolia Milan, Guide & Review

One of the best clubs on the Arci Milan circuit, Circolo Magnolia is known among the locals for the quality of concerts and music it provides every single night. The club is a little hard to reach since it is located outside the city of Milan, near Idroscalo, but if you want to experience quality music and have a good time, then the journey is more than worth it.
As great as all the concerts at Circolo Magnolia are, it would make sense for the price of the club to be quite high. But, that is not the case at all. You can easily get entrance to the club for 10 euros at most, while the drinks, such as the cocktails, usually cost about 5 euros. However, there is one catch; you need an Arci card to be able to get into the club. You can get the card for 10 euros, and it will be valid for the whole year so you can continue enjoying the nightlife offered by Circolo Magnolia throughout the year.
Since the club is open all nights of the week, you can be sure to find some space whenever you wish to go, but make sure you choose a day that something exciting is happening to make the most out of the experience.

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