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Sio Cafe Milan


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Sio Cafe Milan, Guide & Review

More a restaurant than a club, Sio Café is a trendy, disco-themed restaurant that offers delicacies from all around the world, as well as local favorites. It is more than just a themed restaurant though, as it doubles as an actual disco club as well, with DJs and live shows that include everything from jazz to cabaret.
There are often exclusive events taking place at the Sio Café as it is the perfect place to celebrate the night away. It is perfect for large groups or parties as the club takes bookings and offers table service throughout the night. There is outdoor seating available for those who want to party in some fresh air, while the indoor area is perfect for those who want to experience the electrifying rhythm of the Milanese nightlife.
The club is open all days of the week; however, the timing differs for different days. The partying through the night goes on from Wednesday to Sunday, so if you’re looking to just party, then you might want to stick with just those days. If you want to experience everything the club has to offer in terms of food, then you can visit during the day Monday to Friday.

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