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Milan is the hub of cultural and musical events, such as concerts. The city has countless clubs that the local and tourists can visit and have a nice time. Not a day goes by in the city when something exciting isn’t happening somewhere. You’ll find nightclubs and concert halls and restaurants and cafes, all bustling with excitement, no matter what day or time it is. One such place is none other than the Fabrique club.
Started back in 2014, the club sticks to the old traditions of Milan with a huge concert hall that is perfect for live DJ sets, rock concerts and every kind of glamour event you can imagine. The club is located in the outskirts of the city, in the Mecenate area. The area now taken up by the club used to include a record company and a distributor, while the rest was taken up by industrial space. All of these have now been combined to make Fabrique what it is today.
The line-up at Fabrique often includes everything from electronic music and live DJ sets, to hosting international artists, such as Billy Idol, Chris Liebing, Interpol, and more. In addition to music events, the club is famous for hosting fashion shows, theatrical shows and some really memorable parties over the years.

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