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Would you like to entertain yourself with some live music? If you desire so, Club Raina brings you the live music on weekends. Vienna’s best nights are happening at Club Raina every weekend. Don’t miss out on the fun Club Raina offers you or you would be missing out on the major highlight of Vienna’s nightlife. Drinks, music, and friendly ambiance; what else would one be needed to light up their night. Drive your wheels to Club Raina this weekend and have a fantastic night.
The interior of Club Raina emanates the vibes of partying. Allow yourself to be affected by these vibes and the magic will begin. The strong variegated lighting system fills the whole place with dramatic scenery. The gleaming disco balls add more to the drama. The state-of-the-art sound system lets you enjoy the unobstructed rhythm of the music. We play eclectic music including the international one as well. Besides that, DJ little and Stix have the extraordinary talent and skills to light up your night with what they do at the DJ booth. So, sway along with the beats all night long. If you feel your weekend night had never been brighter than until now, believe your gut. Club Raina is the kind of club that hypnotizes you by all means.
We have plenty of drinks which can satiate your quench throughout the night. Another amazing feature besides the dance floor is our seating area where you can get all cozy with your company amid the musical noise and voyeuristic lighting. Don’t hold back yourself from having the fun which you actually deserve after the long tiring week. Your whole week’s enduring demands of you to have the reveling fun, don’t deny it. The fun awaits you at Club Raina every Friday and Saturday from 7 pm till 3 in the morning.

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