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Club Village has won the hearts across Vienna since it was started in 2015. Since the day it was founded, this place has never offered anything less than reveling fun and luxurious entertainment. Weekends at Club Village are the most frivolous than could have been anywhere else in the town. Have you been yearning to join the outrageous fun? If yes, then Club Village has plenty of it for you. Bring your homies along or come all by yourself, your desire will not go unmet. Here, you get more than what you wish for.

The inside décor demonstrates the ultimate class and opulence. Everyone here parties in style, the ambiance encourages everyone to be themselves and enjoy the night to its fullest. Intensive lighting along with gleaming disco balls light up the whole place creating a magical ambiance. The live musical performances by our passionate artists would enhance the magic with their voice. The drinks menu we offer entails a large collection of drinks – non-alcoholic drinks, beer, wine, champagne, and several types of spirits. The bar looks so fancy which serves both your eyes and your thirst for sipping the drink/s of your choice. So, grab a drink and get seated or join the lively crowd.
Fridays at the Club Village are for special programs. Whereas, Saturdays, DJs from the town and abroad deliver their performances. Club Village’s other feature is the exclusive VIP area where you can have your VIP party. Another best thing about this club is lots of free parking area in front of the club. Still pondering where to spend your night out this weekend? Stop thinking right now and tell your friends to hit Club Village this Friday/Saturday night. To make a reservation in advance, visit our official website and fill in the reservation form.

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