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You’re looking for the absolute best clubbing options in Chicago if you want to drink exotic liquors and have fun.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best Cocktail Bars in Chicago. (More in-depth further below)
Alcoholic Drinks are some of the most important aspects of a bar, and one would only like to go to a bar that serves the best of them. Cocktails are essentially alcoholic drinks that have spirits mixed in them and other ingredients like citrus and other extracts to make new flavors. There are a lot of unique cocktails out there that you will love, and you can find a lot of them here in Chicago as well. Below is the list of those top bars in Chicago, which serve some of the best cocktails!

3. The Violet Hour Chicago

The Violet Hour Chicago

The Violet hour has long been in the business, and it was one of the first bars to introduce in-house syrups, carved ice cubes, and different types of cocktails. In short, this bar paid close attention to detail and changed the way people of Chicago looked at Bars. Even today, the menu is not entirely old school or is not too different. The people over at The Violet Hour know how to combine the old school methods with the finest ingredients of today to create a unique drink and hence a unique experience for the people, for which it has gotten quite famous in the area. One of the best things this casino has done is to force people to talk and interact with each other and not get lost in their screens. This is how the old school culture talked to the person next to you was peak entertainment in those times and often the start of a perfect friendship. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take calls inside the premises. However, the policy has recently changed a bit, and now you can take pictures to adjust to the age of social media.

2. The Aviary Chicago

The Aviary Chicago

The Aviary is another rich bar located in Chicago, which has a lot to offer for the people who come there in hopes of drinking some of the finest beers. The Aviary is one of the most modern and contemporary drinks with a different touch. The menu doesn’t give away much; however, each cocktail has something different that won’t make you forget it. Be it jellies, bobbas, or edible balls which will burst. There is something unique about every drink, so check this bar out if you are interested in experimenting with your drinks. Moreover, this bar also has a high waitlist, so make sure you don’t run there without reservations.

1. La Luna Chicago

La Luna Chicago

La Luna is a cozy bar for those who actively indulge in games and other interactive pastimes while enjoying good food and delicious liquors. La Luna is known for its ambiance and cocktails. The tacos are the most loved dish at La Luna, as customers often treat themselves to this main course before indulging in one of the best cocktails in the city while playing board games with their friends. Everything comes in complete harmony to create a relaxing vibe and a soothing experience for everyone involved here at La Luna.

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In the end, we would like to say that Chicago has tons of bars in it. This city has some of the most vibrant and unique bars. Moreover, cocktails and beers are the determining factors of a bar, and hence the bars which serve high-quality drinks with a unique touch often are the best ones to visit for a refreshing drink. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top three best bars for cocktails in Chicago. Make sure to visit these if you are in the city!


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