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COCO Bar Vienna, Guide & Review

Coco is unlike those pesky outrageous night clubs. Under the canopy of its classic ambiance, each visitor feels welcomed and rejoiced. The music, drinks, atmosphere, and even the crowd give off classic vibes. Located at Stadtbahnbogen 34-35, Coco stands tall among the most classic bars/clubs of Vienna. If you think you would like to taste such classic night out, visit Coco. Telling your friends about this place even without visiting it would not be counted as a mistake at all. They’re all gonna love it once they get to know this place.
The inside of Coco Bar looks like one of a tunnel that harbors hidden wonders. And one won’t ever get disenchanted while exploring the Coco Bar. The rigorous, variegated, lighting flickers across the whole illuminating faces of the cherished crowd and elating their spirits. The sound system is also up to date which plays classical music from the last three decades. The dance floor is the happiest place at Coco where party-people dance their night away. The sitting booths are spacious enough to sit, relax, and talk or even catch a breath before you join the rampant fun happening on the dance floor. Outdoor seating is also available. Both table bookings and walk-ins are accepted.
At the bar, you will find an extensive collection of fancy cocktails and classic drinks. The celebrations are important because they signify important moments of our life. If you have a celebratory event coming up, book it with us to make it memorable. The concerts are also accommodated at Coco Bar. Coco Bar stays open the whole week except for Sunday. From Monday till Friday, Coco Bar is open at 6 pm and the party goes on till 2 in the morning except for Friday, we close at 6 am. On Saturday, we open at 10 and close at 6 am.

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