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Costa Breve Barcelona, Guide & Review

Costa Breve is the ultimate nightclub spot in Barcelona for young locals and enthusiastic international crowds. If you are expecting a very sophisticated, high-end club, then Costa Breve is not it. Instead, for those who are looking for a fun and cosy evening with their friends, Costa Breve is the perfect place to just unwind and relax.

With two rooms having two completely different atmospheres, Costa Breve has designed a very futuristic kind of room with a modern vibe, and another cocktail room for a more relaxed and laid back atmosphere. The main venue has 3 bars along with many VIP areas, having a very modern feel to the entire d├ęcor of the room. The cocktail room also has a great VIP section, making this nightclub a popular choice amongst club goers. The club venue is often used for hosting private parties, events, and regular club nights as well.

On different nights, you will find a different dress code as well as a different age requirement for club goers here.

This is the ultimate guide to Costa Breve, Barcelona. Here you will be able to read all about the dress code policy here, the directions to get to the club, the VIP areas, drinks, crowds and prices you will be expected to pay here.

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