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Cotton Club Hamburg


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Cotton Club Hamburg, Guide & Review

One of the most high-spirited, sparky, and vibrant clubs in Hamburg is the Cotton Club. The club was established in 1959 and named as Vati’s Tube Jazz Club and was renamed as Cotton Club in 1963. People love this club/music venue as it reminds them of the old Smoky bars of America and of course, for its live music sessions that happen almost every day! The most popular genres are Dixieland, Boogie Woogie, Swing, Blues, Skiffle, Hot and Happy Jazz, and more.

The venue is best known for its Jazz sessions. People come by for this relatively informal and easygoing musical event where the master-in-craft musicians and instrumentalists play the improvised vamp and solos on chord progressions, songs, and tunes. The club is the most favorite among the people who are watching out for a relaxed and reclining night out. 

The venue is beautifully lit in golden. The interior is poetic and eloquent. The beautiful vintage pictures are hanging all around on the walls. The club has all the elements that make you feel at home. You get comfortable seats to recline on while listening to the soulful jazz sessions. The bar serves you with world-class cocktails and wines. The lady bartenders are always busy in making you the drinks that will quench your thirst to ultimate satisfaction. The most gastronomic snacks are on offer including sausage bread, cheese bread, bacon, and more. 

You can find no place better than Cotton Club where you can unwind in the most slackening atmosphere. This is undoubtedly one of the soberest clubs in Hamburg. If you are watching out for a most relaxing jazz session in Hamburg, the Cotton Club is your thing! The Hamburg’s best jazz cellar awaits you whole-heartedly! Just be there at your earliest to get your own exclusive experience!

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