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Cube Toronto, Guide & Review

Get ready to have your mind blown and your senses overwhelmed at the Cube nightclub; the team behind the club has created a masterpiece of sophistication by bringing together brilliant art, design and mood. The inspiration behind the design? Evening mischief. The sound of the club, provided by premier international DJ’s, sets the stage for a night of revelry unlike any other. The dance floor is made even more exciting with state-of-the-art sound system. The light washing over everyone from the massive LED sets a fun mood. If you know how to dress in style, and you’re ready for some top 40 and Hip Hop music for your night, then Cube is where you need to be.


Cube Toronto Dress Code Guide

Dress code guidelines refer to a set of rules that one has to follow regarding clothing. Almost all the decent nightclubs of Toronto have a strict dress code policy, and there is a valid reason behind it. The dress code guidelines help to maintain proper decorum in the nightclub. Guests feel safe and secured.

Cube is a top-notch nightclub in Toronto. The entire nightclub is a mirrored canvas where people who love to be seen and observed will have no qualms or regrets. Such a prestigious nightclub will have a trendy and fashionable dress code policy.

In this post, we will talk about what you can wear and what you can’t wear in the Cube nightclub. It’s all about the dress code guidelines of the nightclub.

Cube Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

Women should consider themselves as blessed or fortunate when it comes to dressing code. They can wear a sexy cocktail dress with different cuts and sizes. They can wear a halter-neck dress, backless dress, off-shoulder dress, etc.

There is no restriction regarding the color of the dress. Blue, pink, red, black, charcoal and white are quite popular colors.

Shoes are a crucial part of the dress code. So there are a few rules for the shoes too. For instance, ladies can wear only trendy stilettos or any shoe with a decent heel. Sandals and flip flops are prohibited here.

There is a special rule regarding white t-shirts, though. The nightclub management doesn’t like anyone to wear white t-shirts with logos or quotes that insult any community, caste, gender, race, or creed. Also, they don’t allow anyone to enter the nightclub wearing t-shirts with vulgar images or quotes.

Browse online and buy a stylish clutch beforehand. Keep your backpack in the cab because it is prohibited here.

Cube Nightclub Dress Code for the Gents

The basic dress code guidelines for men have been clearly outlined in the official website of the Cube nightclub. The dress code is semi-formal.

Men can wear collared shirts, dress shirts, and dress shoes.

No baggy clothes are allowed at Cube. This means men can’t wear their favorite jeans with big rips or tears. The same rule is applicable for the t-shirts as well.

Sportswear is completely prohibited here. Men are not allowed to wear jerseys, track jackets, joggers, shorts, baseball caps, etc.

Cube has a strict guideline regarding the shoes as well. Men are not allowed to wear sneakers, leather boots, work boots, flip-flops, and sandals.

Our Suggestions

To sum up, the dress code is chic and trendy in the Cube nightclub. So dress to impress when you are heading to Cube.

Cube nightclub management is very strict. They have the ultimate power and authority to make the final decision regarding entry or denial. You have to accept the decision gracefully.

The nightclub is extremely crowded during weekends. The doorman is more strict during those days. Make sure you give special attention to your dress code if you’re planning to visit the nightclub on Saturday or Sunday.

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