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DonauTechno Vienna


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DonauTechno Vienna, Guide & Review

The classical atmosphere always has a charm that modern places can never have. Such places are, nowadays hard to find. If you are one of those people who like to cherish the antiquity and class, DonauTechno would serve you just right. Visit it alone or along with your homies, you will find this place equally amazing. DonauTechno has served Viennese people with plenty of entertainment over the years. This club is not just a place to hang out, this is a vibe; a feeling; a passion that captivates your senses wholly.

The unique atmosphere at DonauTechno takes over everything else in the surrounding, even your senses. The arched roof and the pillars enhance the exclusiveness of DonauTechno. The roof is decorated with inverted wine glasses just like on a modern bar booth. The walls are lit with a projected exquisite, artistic light pattern. The lighting system is peculiar just like many other features of this place. The DJ booth is entirely up to date and the DJs are of extraordinary talent who never fail to impress the crowd with their eclectic music collection, besides our exclusive techno music. The sitting booths are spacious enough for groups and parties to hang out, gossip, and drink away the night.
The non-smokers would absolutely love this place as the smoking booths allow smokers to enjoy their cigarettes while sipping on the drink in the private environment of a smoking booth. The chef cooks delectable cuisines which are finger-licking good. The drinks collection is large and diverse enough to get you going all night.
If you have an artistic inclination, a twisted sense of aesthetics, and an admiration for class – DonauTechno awaits you eagerly. DonauTechno opens at 8 pm and stays open until it’s past midnight. On Fridays and Saturdays, it opens until 5 in the morning.

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