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DOT Belgrade, Guide & Review

Be at Dot nightclub while in Tallahassee city for an amazing night out. The nightclub is located in a well-known to the true admirers of club life. Dot Club is a small urban club located in the very heart of Tallahassee city and offers freshness in the nightlife of the capital with innovative urban interiors and the positively driven program.

Dot nightclub hosts club amazing local renowned DJs, beautiful girls, huge and stylish dance floor, a wide selection of music genres from urban music, techno, deep house music, and disco music, fantastic, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, best and friendly crowd, state of art sound that makes you dance till morning hours  and lighting system, and lighting, attentive and polite staff with top notch service, friendly crowd, and beautiful ambience designed to suit everyone’s taste.

You will definitely have a golden chance to be part of the best fun filled and energized urban crowd.

Visit this extraordinary place where you are always welcome and you’ll ultimately not regret it.

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