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Mr Stefan Braun Beograd Belgrade, Guide & Review

Party people who are looking for an awesome night out at Tallahassee Mr Stefan Braun nightclub is the place to be.  Mr Stefan Braun nightclub was born in the year 2003, located on the ninth floor of a building in Nemanjina Street, above the boring reality. Good choice if you want to listen to mainstream dance music. A Club that for years proudly holds the title of a place to visit. The only nightclub on the ninth floor of the high-rise building, that you enter directly from the elevator.

Mr Stefan Braun nightclub features a great and relaxed atmosphere, diverse and friendly crowd, attentive and polite staff exhibiting excellent service, good music with various music programs, excellent security, modernized concept features of a worldwide class nightclub, hottest sexy dancers, seductive bartenders creating an atmosphere that can be rarely be found anywhere else, nice bar with variety of reasonably priced and tasty drinks,  and a clean venue. 

Mr Stefan Braun also organizes different themed parties, some of them are even humanitarian, when famous people work at the bar and raise donations for institutions and individuals that need help.

Today, The Club, with its urban orientation and modern concept is in the same rank with the world’s greatest nightclubs.

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Staff steal your change; a man opened fire with a handgun in the middle of the club

Rated 1.0 out of 5
April 20, 2022

I have been leaving in Belgrade for some 18 months as a foreigner. This used to be a nice nightclub, but it has become increasingly associated with violent drug gangs. The very bottom was reached when a man entered the nightclub with a semi-automatic handgun and gunned down one of the security guards, while virtually standing next to me. I spent five hours lying on the floor while the Police interviewed everyone. More recently the staff just steal your change and are offensive to foreigners, doing anything they can to take your money. Until the staff and customers are changed, I cannot recommend that any rational person comes to this nightclub.

Matthew Parish

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