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Splav TAG Belgrade Nightclub Belgrade, Guide & Review

Experience the best nightlife in Belgrade. Splav TAG is a nightclub in Belgrade, Serbia.  It’s one of the best Belgrade summer floating clubs, famous for its position, great open view of the city lights and special energy at parties that you can not feel at any other place. 

Splav TAG nightclub works every night in summer time, which is unique in Belgrade. Every night you will find theme and popular parties, with dance music, house, and RnB, best DJs from Serbia and worldwide, breathtaking live music, Balkan nights, every night is special in its own way, professional and polite staff with amazing service, friendly and welcoming crowd, unique and relaxed atmosphere, comfortable couches, modern interior design, beautiful girls, world class ambience, hygiene at an enviable level, delicious food, and spacious and stylish dance floor. 

Splav TAG nightclub is one of the best places to be on an evening  with friends to have good food and drinks with the best view of Sava and Belgrade Fort. The venue has a quiet place for chatting or drinking with amazing views of city lights on the river.  It’s highly recommended for summer nights. A beautiful view from the raft when the lights on the mouth at the foot of Kalemegadan illuminate the surface of the river, a beautiful sight with a cold drink, is great for cooling down and relaxing. Definitely, Splav TAG nightclub is a great place to party. Splav TAG ensures you have an unforgettable experience on your night out at Belgrade, Serbia.  See you tonight!

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Rated 1.0 out of 5
August 14, 2022

AVOID. Daylight ROBBERY. 100 Euro just to stand in the place then they will get bouncers to surround your table and make you pay 400 euros for a single bottle of low quality vodka. Don’t ruin your night by coming here. This place gives Serbia a bad name. AVOID.

M. D

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