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Freestyler Belgrade Night Club Belgrade, Guide & Review

LIVE FREE BE FREE! Visit nightclub Freestyler is a MUST if you want to really experience Belgrade nightlife. Freestyler NightClub has made nightlife history as Belgrade’s oldest outdoor nightlife experience, since 2001. Freestyler offers an immersive, exciting & unique experience raising the bar on the global nightlife scene. Much more than a traditional nightlife venue, that can prove our guests from all over the world. Resident and International DJ guests entertain from around the globe for an ecstatic beautiful crowd keeping the dance floor on fire and the party going all night long. Freestyler offers you an unforgettable time and amazing memories.

Big night club with everything necessary to have a great night. Amazing bottle service, spacious dance floor, attentive, helpful and friendly staff, great music, delicious cocktails, night,amazing people from all around the world, beautiful girls, beautiful people with positive energy, great and relaxed atmosphere, comfortable seats, amazing DJs and beautiful ambience. 

VIP packages from VIP tables which is the best solution to have a best time at freestyler NightClub with comfortable sofa, personal waiter, the highest level, 2 premium bottles, host, and  beautiful girl. CLASSIC VIP -Minimum 2 premium bottles from the menu. 10 guests max (price is per group and varies by bottles) Start is around 330e per group. If the club is crowded this can become more expensive. 

An immersive adventure encompassing the luxury and sophistication of a one-of-kind experience. The most modern accoutrements blend with premium bottle service and five-star hospitality all offered in an alluring environment that is as sexy as it is sophisticated. The most famous, biggest, and the most popular nightclub in the region. Explore why Freestyler club is simply the best. Certainly the best club in Belgrade. The club is always full and you can meet a lot of interesting people there! All the best!

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