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Edelfettwerk Hamburg, Guide & Review

One of the most spacious and high-spirited clubs in Hamburg is the Edelfettwerk. The venue is most loved for its different areas and lounges. The Main Hall is the most spacious room of the Edelfettwerk that comprises over 640 cubic meter area. In the past times before establishing as a club, the venue was functioning as a factory. Hence, the original and exclusive industrial character just continues with the high walls. 

The Main Hall consists of two aisles and an elongated and towering central nave like a church. The stage is located facing the central cave, which is crowned by a wall of illuminated glass blocks. Further highlights include a 200 cubic meter LED area with a high-quality sound system as well as 5 projector projections that augment the sense of image branding and space. The music scene of Edelfettwerk is miscellaneous from Techno to Bass and Drum to Electro, all club music is at home in Edelfettwerk.

Other event locations include Orange Lounge, Green Lounge, Rooftop Terrace, Beach Club, Labor Club, Trumbar, and Red Floor. The Orange Lounge is designed with orange leather seats. The muted music and indirect light give the area a relaxed and reclining atmosphere. The bar extends the world-class cocktails to the guests. 

Next to Orange Lounge is the Green Lounge. This area has a projector projection of considerable size next to the bar that transmits the camera images from the Main Hall with electrifying sounds. The pedestals and subtle light of the spot are proportioned with the green seats and leatherette bean bags that create an eye-candy. 

The Roof Terrace is on the first floor where a stupendous bar is inviting you to linger and stick around. Go and explore the other awe-inspiring spots in the Edelfettwerk on your own! The ultimate fun is awaiting you!

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