EDM Clubs in Barcelona

You’re looking for the absolute best clubbing options in Barcelona if yo uwant to dance to EDM…

So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best EDM clubs in Barcelona. (More in-depth further below)

In terms of electronic dance music clubbing, Barcelona is good for techno, commercial house, and alternative dance music. And like most European cities, electronic dance music (EDM) is very popular. In Barcelona clubs, the electronic music played is usually techno, commercial dance music, or alternative/experimental dance music. 
Barcelona is a city where you can find underground clubs, terraces and rooftops and even incredible bars, but it is undoubtedly its clubs and discotheques that set the pace of the night. Here’s a rundown of the top nightclubs in the city: Pacha Barcelona, Sala Apolo, Opium Barcelona, Sala Razzmatazz, Input High Fidelity, La Terrazza, Jamboree dance club, Shoko, Bikini Barcelona, Otto Zutz, Macarena Club, Moog, City Hall Club, Danzoria, Sutton & Ker, Elrow, SideCar and CDLC. Each venue has unique characteristics that are worth discovering for yourself.

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1. Input Barcelona

Input is much more than just any other night club; Input is a safe space for individuality, uniqueness and spontaneity. Input is the venue where art, music, performances, and uniqueness swish about in an elixir, creating a completely different world within these four walls. Input Club creates an interactive session with its crowds instead of just presenting the services of a regular night club; which is music and alcohol. This club in Barcelona has become popular for being a space where fashion style and elegance are not given as much importance as uniqueness, good quality, and an amazing, one of a kind taste in things.

2. Moog Barcelona

Another one of Barcelona’s famous ‘historically significant venues’ which has now been turned into a nightclub, Moog is a two stories, popular nightclub venue in Barcelona. Located just off Las Rambla at the center of the city in Raval, Moog is a laid-back sort of nightclub with no strict rules and guidelines imposed on its customers. The only thing that this nightclub cares about is if their patrons are having a great time or not.

In Conclusion

Parties in Barcelona tend to be seasonal – once the summer season heats up more exciting parties take place. The city of Barcelona that sleeps, but it definitely doesn’t do it at night. Enjoy

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