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Electronic Dance Music is nothing short of a master of club music. Many popular clubs’ music genres retreat under the umbrella of EDM. No club could perform well without EDM on offer! San Francisco prides itself on giving come-on to all the EDM Dance devotees from all over the world. The best and top of the line EDM Dance clubs in San Francisco are nothing less than the dreamlike and heavenly places on earth! If you are watching out for some paramount EDM Dance clubs in San Francisco, we are coming up with a list!

1. Audio Nightclub

Audio Nightclub

Audio, like its name suggests, is focused on providing outstanding sound experience. This place is designed to look like the ’70s. In 2017 we renovated our club. A new 3D surround system, Funktion One speaker and 3D lighting effects system were installed. As a result of this, our customers can now better immerse themselves in the music and can party like there is no tomorrow. Our place is the only one which makes use of the 32″ subwoofer, which further enhances the sound of the music. We have also been declared the best sounding nightclub in San Francisco. 1600 LED wall and 2 bars are also located here. A sprung dancefloor is available here as well. You will notice that plants are installed around our disco ball, which creates a tropical look.

2. Mezzanine


Mezzanine is an outstanding event space, live music venue, and nightclub. Our 12,000 square feet club is split into two levels. Four lounges are located in the upper floor area while the main floor has open space available. A large dancefloor, green rooms, smoking areas, and multiple full-service bars are also installed here. Our advanced lighting and custom sound system will captivate you. Every night talented DJs and musical artists are seen playing at our club. Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, and Salsa, etc. are played at the Mezzanine.

3. Monarch

The Monarch, like its name suggests, is the reigning king of San Francisco’s nightlife. A lounge and bar are located upstairs, the club is situated in the basement, and we have recently added The Emperors Drawing Room in the upper area. Each of these areas has a unique design and will leave you awestruck. The Lounge/Bar area is a combination of Victorian, Steampunk, and Nouveau design. Redwood bar, custom photo booth, several decoration pieces, and couches are available here. The Club area makes use of Void Acoustics system. It is regarded as one of the top ten sound systems.

4. Make-Out Room

Make-Out Room

Make Out Room is a gorgeously designed and dimly lit place. It has a retro setting, and a stage is also available here for live performances as well. Beautiful decorations, a long bar, and a disco ball are installed here. A lounge area is also available here. You can relax and catch your breath here. Grab a beer, relax, and have a fun time chatting with your friends. Old School Hip-Hop, Vinyl, Dub, Funk, Soul, Disco, and Wave, etc. are played at our club.

5. Verso


Verso is the newest addition to San Francisco’s nightlife and is located inside a printing press. It has a very relaxing and welcoming vibe. Inside this building, you will encounter a large dancefloor and 20 feet long marble bar. Customers can easily place their orders and can enjoy their drinks while listening to fantastic music. To ensure that our customers had an excellent experience, we specifically installed the latest sound system made by the Alcons Audio. It comes with fifteen speakers and six subwoofers. Multiple private tables and a reserved dancing space are located on the Ground floor as well.

6. Temple


Temple has been created specifically for the artists and is an incredible place. Multiple rooms are available here. On the main floor, a custom DJ booth, Void Sound system, multiple VIP booths, three box suites, multiple Mezzanine tables are installed here. A stage is also available here. It is used to highlight our world-class performers. The LED lighting is installed in every corner of the main floor area. EDM music is played on this floor. If you are tired of our Main floor music and want something different, then head towards Temple’s LVL 55. Multiple VIP tables are installed here. You can relax and listen to the Open format music.

7. Asia


Asian SF was launched in 1998, and its sole purpose was to provide support to the transgender community. Since then, it has grown and is now regarded as a first-class restaurant, Cabaret, and Nightclub. Try some of our delicious Tamarind Chicken Satays, Salmon Firecrackers, Ahi Burgers and Blackened Tuna Sashimi, etc. After a great dinner, you can rock out at our nightclub. A glass booth, fully furnished bar, dancefloor with excellent lighting and sound system are available here. The comfortable seating further enhances one’s experience.

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In Conclusion

Among the finest and state of the art, EDM Dance clubs in San Francisco include Audio Nightclub, Mezzanine, Monarch, Make-Out Room, Verso, Temple Nightclub San Francisco, and Asia SF. Expect nothing but perfection from these clubs. The resident talent along with the world’s most renowned DJs, artists, and performers come to rock the stage there! The ambiance is chic and stylish! The music is just top of the range! Drinks are delicious and reasonably priced! What more do you want from the finest nightclub? So, waste no single moment and visit any of our suggested EDM Dance clubs at your earliest to have the kind of fun you actually deserve! Cheers!

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