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The Best Places to go Clubbing in San Francisco

1. Cat Club San Francisco

Cat Club San Francisco is located in the Soma district and welcomes people from all walks of life. Our beautiful lighting show, combined with a brilliant sound system, exposed brick design, and neon lighting creates a mesmerizing scene. Two stages, projector screens, and Go-Go cages are also installed here. All of these things will make your evening memorable. A large fully furnished bar which serves various drinks is also available here. We focus on providing quick and friendly service.

2. Starlight Room San Francisco

Starlight Room San Francisco is located on top of Francis Drake Hotel. It is an old school styled lounge and nightclub. Beautiful chandeliers, various paintings, red-colored furniture, a disco ball, mirrored ceiling, and an Art Deco dancefloor are installed here. All of these things create an enchanting scene. Our place also provides you with access to the beautiful views of the city. They will leave you awe-struck.

3. Bruno’s San Francisco

Bruno’s San Francisco has a warm and welcoming environment. We have been running this place for over 60 years now, and every day has been an absolute bliss. Four different rooms with full-service bars are available here. Each room has a different ambiance and design. All of them are equipped with TVs, DVD players, and booths, etc. Pick whatever room your heart desires and have a fun time. Every week we host numerous exciting events during which Bay area’s top-rated DJs perform at our club. They will get your blood pumping and will have you grooving on the dancefloor. Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Reggae and R&B music is played at our club.

4. Halcyon San Francisco 

Halcyon San Francisco was originally a warehouse it went through renovations and was transformed into a modern club. We are focused on providing our customers the ultimate nightlife experience. Large skylights and high ceilings are installed here through which sun rays enter. During the evening, our advanced lighting and sound system creates a high energy environment. Upon your entry, you will be submerged in the multi-colored lights. Our club is the third venue in the world that has collaborated with Dolby Laboratories and has successfully installed the latest sound technology. As a result of this, clubbers can immerse themselves fully in the music.

5. F8 San Francisco

F8 San Francisco is a hip and dazzling place. Its dynamic environment will get your blood pumping. Multiple rooms are available in our club. All of them are beautifully designed and will take your breath away. Multicolored lights, various images, projectors, Plasma TVs, multiple bars, and lounge areas are located in here. Our brilliant sound system enhances the sound of music and ensures that it reaches every corner of the club. A wide variety of music genres such as Hip-Hop, Techno, Dubstep, House and Drum & Bass, etc. are played here.

6. Harlot San Francisco

Harlot San Francisco is a fabulous and electrifying place. Step into our humble abode, and you will receive a warm welcome. We aim to please. VIP tables, multiple full-service bars, dancefloor, and a mezzanine floor, are available here. Top-class DJs play at our club. Harlot might be a small and cosy place; however, no one can party as we do. You will end up getting lost in our cheerful environment. Beautiful artworks such as Matthew’s Heroine, which was created by Tiffany Bozic, hangs in our club. It is a masterpiece and will enchant you. Original lithography created by Camille Rose is also installed here. The Mezzanine floor is a beautiful and elegant area. A fireplace, separate stair entrance, excellent security, bar, and private restrooms, etc. are available here. Our Main level area has a dark and sexy atmosphere. The tables are located near the dancefloor. In comparison, the Mezzanine offers a light and enjoyable environment.

7. Elbo Room San Francisco

Elbo Room San Francisco was launched in 1991 and has remained a local favorite for over 27 years. It is divided into two levels. This place has a comfy and relaxing atmosphere. Both the floors are equipped with separate bars. A stage and dancefloor are also available in the upstairs area. Lanterns, mirrors, pinball machines, pictures, and various other decoration pieces are installed here as well. Excellent lighting and sound system are available here as well, which creates an enjoyable environment.

8. Monarch San Francisco 

Monarch San Francisco like its name suggests, is the reigning king of San Francisco’s nightlife. A lounge and bar are located upstairs, the club is situated in the basement, and we have recently added The Emperors Drawing Room in the upper area. Each of these areas has a unique design and will leave you awestruck. The Lounge/Bar area is a combination of Victorian, Steampunk, and Nouveau design. Redwood bar, custom photo booth, several decoration pieces, and couches are available here. The Club area makes use of Void Acoustics system. It is regarded as one of the top ten sound systems. A concrete bar, custom DJ stand, and an elevated stage are also installed here. The Drawing Room has a relaxing atmosphere. A large bar, numerous couches, a painting, lighting fixtures, and multiple mirrors are installed here. A unique thing about this room is its 14′ sliding wall. It connects with the upstairs bar. In case you require more privacy then simply close the wall.

9. Hawthorn San Francisco

Hawthorn San Francisco is located in a basement. It has two rooms, both of them have unique designs. In the Main room, luxurious chandeliers, Austrian drapes, and comfortable lounge seating are available. A stunning bar is also located here which serves a wide variety of spirits and wines. Our other room is called the Bonaparte. It is decorated according to the 1930’s Hollywood style. Four large Banquettes, a private bar, photo booth, and a private elevator are installed here. Both the rooms have been equipped with Void Acoustics system. They can be booked for private events as well. The main room can accommodate up to 265 guests, whereas the Bonaparte room can accommodate up to 75 guests.

10. El Toro Nightclub San Francisco

El Toro Nightclub San Francisco is a Latin themed club. A bar, various decorations, a stage for live performances and multiple TVs screens are installed here. A jukebox is also available here; it plays both English and Spanish music. We make use of outstanding lighting and sound systems. They will further enhance your clubbing experience. Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Cumbia, etc. are played here.

11. Mayes Oyster House San Francisco 

Mayes Oyster House San Francisco is San Francisco’s oldest seafood restaurant; however, during the night, it transforms into an incredible nightclub. Multiple TVs, wooden furniture, and family-style seating are available here. Mayes has an inviting atmosphere. A kitchen is also installed here which serves delicious seafood, ribs, sliders and chicken dishes. We also have vegan and gluten-free options available. A full-service bar is also located here. Draft Beers, Cocktails and Martinis, are available here. Our wine list has been curated from the local California wineries. The purpose of this was to let our customers enjoy the taste of local wineries. Brunches are also offered on Saturdays and Sundays.

12. Mezzanine San Francisco

Mezzanine San Francisco  is an outstanding event space, live music venue, and nightclub. Our 12,000 square feet club is split into two levels. Four lounges are located in the upper floor area while the main floor has open space available. A large dancefloor, green rooms, smoking areas, and multiple full-service bars are also installed here. Our advanced lighting and custom sound system will captivate you. Every night talented DJs and musical artists are seen playing at our club. Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, and Salsa, etc. are played at the Mezzanine.

13. Double Dutch San Francisco

Double Dutch San Francisco and it will transport you to the 80s. The giant boombox wall combined with beautiful murals, mirrored walls, a DJ booth, and chandelier styled neon lighting creates a mesmerizing scene. Graffiti art is also found throughout the club as well. Comfortable seating and an excellent sound system further enhance one’s clubbing experience. Old School, R&B, ‘80s, ‘90s, and Hip-Hop music are played here. Double Dutch will provide you an amazing experience. It will remind you how crazy and fantastic the 80s were.

14. Monroe San Francisco

Monroe San Francisco drew inspiration from the 1920s. It is a sophisticated and beautifully designed place. Our place serves as a bar, event space, and lounge area. Curving sofas, brilliant lighting system, different styled mirrors, a crystal chandelier, and enchanting artwork are installed here. Two full-service bars, outdoor patio, photo booth, advanced lighting, and sound system are also available here

15. DNA Lounge San Francisco

DNA Lounge San Francisco has remained San Francisco’s hot spot for over 30 years now. Two stages, four dancefloors, multiple bars, and a late-night restaurant/café, are available here. Our place has been featured in the SF Weekly, the Guardian and 7×7. We have won multiple awards such as Best Dance Club and Best Live Music Venue.
Our restaurant/café serves delicious food. It is located right next door to our club and specializes in thin-crust pizzas. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available. Along with Pizza we also have sandwiches, salads, breakfast, pastries and various other options available.

16. Mr. Smith’s San Francisco 

Mr. Smith’s San Francisco  is a three-tiered bar, lounge, and nightclub. It was launched in 2005 and has a retro look. We are focused on providing excellent service, delicious drinks, and fantastic music. Our VIP room is semi-private Mezzanine styled room. It is located on the third floor. Brown colored Leather couches, wooden tables, various mirrors, and a bar are installed here. Our Main area has an entirely different design. Exposed bricks, paintings, leather seating, a Mahogany bar, and custom wallpaper are installed here. Our Basement dancefloor opens up on Friday and Saturday. During which Bay area’s hottest DJs perform at our place. We serve yummy cocktails they are made from fresh ingredients, handmade syrups, and cocktail jams. One sip and you won’t be able to stop yourself from getting more.

17. Origin San Francisco

Origin San Francisco is a classy, elegant, and beautifully designed place. Our 8000 square feet building is a pure bliss for clubbers. Couches, Banquettes, wooden floor, multiple bars, and a comfortable lounge area are installed here. Our excellent lighting and sound system will leave you dumbstruck. A DJ booth is also available here in which San Francisco’s hottest DJs play music.

18. Make Out Room San Francisco

Make Out Room San Francisco is a gorgeously designed and dimly lit place. It has a retro setting, and a stage is also available here for live performances as well. Beautiful decorations, a long bar, and a disco ball are installed here. A lounge area is also available here. You can relax and catch your breath here. Grab a beer, relax, and have a fun time chatting with your friends. Old School Hip-Hop, Vinyl, Dub, Funk, Soul, Disco, and Wave, etc. are played at our club.

19. Public Works San Francisco

Public Works San Francisco is a venue that has been created for the public. It has been designed according to the needs of the people. Hardwood Dancefloor, Funktion One sound system, multiple bars, art gallery, projectors, and excellent lighting system are installed here. Local artist’s work is displayed here as well, and the interior is quite vibrant. It creates a cheerful environment. Fantastic DJs, Live performances, comedy shows, and story slams, etc. are hosted here.

20. Raven Bar San Francisco

Raven Bar San Francisco  is an alluring and enchanting place. It is split into two levels. On the first floor, a luxurious lounge is located. It is beautifully decorated and makes use of the excellent lighting system. Raven’s charming atmosphere makes it easy for people to let loose and enjoy themselves. Two craft bars are located on both sides of this area, which are managed by our talented and outstanding staff members. They provide excellent service and are quite friendly.

21. Club X San Francisco

Club X San Francisco is a 15,000 Sq. feet nightclub and is split into two levels. Two rooms, multiple dancefloors, and two DJ booths are available here. Full-service bars are installed on all floors, and each room comes with its own DJ. If you end up getting tired from dancing, then take a rest in one of our booths or VIP areas. They have a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Multi-colored lighting and sound system are installed here as well.

22. Delirium San Francisco

Delirium San Francisco is a perfect place to visit. It will lift your mood. We are a dive bar styled place that serves bottled beers, cocktails, Russian Splash, Vodka, and Pineapple juice, etc. Grab a seat, relax, and enjoy your drink. Pinball machines are also available. Have a fun time playing with them.

23. Pura Club San Francisco

Pura Club San Francisco is a Latin club that welcomes everyone and provides a space for people to relax. Five rooms are available here. All of them are equipped with bars and DJ booth. Our sound system is marvelous and ensures that every patron can hear the beat of the music. The lighting show creates a mesmerizing scene. TV screens are also installed here, which further enhance the audience’s audio-visual experience. Beautiful dancers perform at our place their killer moves will leave you awe-struck. We are quite strict about our code of conduct. Pura does not welcome people who use violence, threats, drink irresponsibly and disrespect other guests, etc.

24. Madrone Art Bar San Francisco

Madrone Art Bar San Francisco is a two in one place, i.e., a gallery and a nightclub. Sculpture events, painting and poetry recital events, etc. are held during the day while the night is all about dancing. This place has a warm and comfortable environment, which makes it easy to relax. A small dancefloor is located here where you can show off your dance moves. Our place will constantly probe your aesthetic sense. A bar is also available here, which serves high-quality drinks.

25. Rel8 Afterhours San Francisco

Rel8 Afterhours San Francisco is held at the End Up on every month’s second Saturday. The End Up nightclub is a gorgeous place to party. An outside Patio, comfortable seating, pool tables, a dancefloor, and lounge, etc. are available here. They also have a state of the art-of-the-art lighting and sound system installed, which creates an excellent atmosphere.

26. City Nights San Francisco

City Nights San Francisco is an 18+ nightclub which is dedicated to Hip-Hop. It is incredibly popular with San Francisco’s young crowd. Two rooms, a disco ball, multiple dancefloors, a stage, balconies, and three full-service bars are available here. Every night different DJs mix various songs and set the place ablaze. Multi-colored lighting, combined with an excellent sound system provides an amazing experience. You will be rocking out to our music in no time. Multiple VIP areas and cages for dancing are available here as well.

27. Carbon Lounge San Francisco

Carbon Lounge San Francisco is 4000 sq. feet building. It has a sleek and modern look. Two full-service bars, VIP areas, multiple TV screens, and multi-colored lighting are available here. The leather Banquettes provide a comfortable experience, and the sound system creates a rocking atmosphere. You won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing.

28. Calle-11sf Nightclub San Francisco

Calle-11sf Nightclub San Francisco is a lovely place. The Nightclub is split into two levels. On the first floor, an open dancefloor, multiple VIP sections, a DJ booth, and a fully furnished bar are available. The second floor comes with a large table, seating area, and a full bar. Along with this, a rooftop restaurant and a patio with mesmerizing scenes are available here. We focus on providing a warm and sophisticated ambiance. TV and projector screens are also installed here. They provide a fantastic audio-visual experience.

29. Temple San Francisco

Temple San Francisco has been created specifically for the artists and is an incredible place. Multiple rooms are available here. On the main floor, a custom DJ booth, Void Sound system, multiple VIP booths, three box suites, multiple Mezzanine tables are installed here. A stage is also available here. It is used to highlight our world-class performers. The LED lighting is installed in every corner of the main floor area. EDM music is played on this floor. If you are tired of our Main floor music and want something different, then head towards Temple’s LVL 55. Multiple VIP tables are installed here. You can relax and listen to the Open format music. Columns with LED lighting and Void Sound system are available here as well. They create a fantastic party environment. A DJ booth is also installed here. Our other two rooms are named the Infinity room and Hive Café.

30. Love and Propaganda San Francisco

Love and Propaganda San Francisco has a warm and cosy atmosphere. We welcome everyone and are dedicated to providing excellent service. Our club has a neo-classical design, and we have installed a Funktion One sound system which produces incredible sounds. A 3D projector is also installed here. It further enhances our customer’s audio-visual experience. Beautiful chandeliers, gilded artwork, and leather seating are located throughout the club. We also make use of an excellent lighting system as well. In 2017 our club also won the Best Nightclub in the country award.

31. The EndUp San Francisco

The EndUp San Francisco was founded in 1973 more than 45 years have passed since then, and yet we are regarded as a top-class club. We have been featured in various magazines. In 2011 the Best of the Bay gave us the title of the Best after-hour club. The Playboy Magazine also gave us the title of the Best late-night bar as well. Our place is beautifully designed. A tropical patio with a waterfall is available here. It creates an enchanting scene and makes it easy for people to relax. Multiple bars, a food stand, a lounge, pool table, an outdoor glass cabana, and a dancefloor are also installed here. We make use of brilliant lighting and sound system. The End Up welcome people from all walks of life and provides them a safe haven.

32. Boom Boom Room San Francisco

Boom Boom Room San Francisco is a hip and groovy place. A full-service bar, comfortable seating, disco balls and a stage for live performances are installed here. TVs are also available here; they are used to display various games. We are a little old school, so; no tabs or other electronic devices are utilized at our place. Even our menu is handwritten and can be found at the bar. A large neon sign hangs in front of our door which beckons people to come in and relax. Soul, Funk, Electro, Blues, Jazz, New Orleans, and Rock music are played here.

33. The Grand San Francisco

The Grand San Francisco is a superb place to party. It is split into two levels and will leave you wanting more. On the Ground floor, two bars, a dancefloor, DJ booth, and various VIP areas are available here. Our Mezzanine level provides you with a complete view of the club and the stage. A private elevator and multiple bars are also available here. Our Funktion One Sound System combined with an excellent lighting system and Large LED light ball creates a rocking atmosphere.

34. Hue San Francisco

Hue San Francisco is an upscale and classy place which is located on the Broadway St. It is a recent addition to the San Francisco Nightlife. Our 8000 square feet building is focused on creating the ultimate party environment. A Lounge is located in our front room where guests can relax. It is perfect for those looking to socialize or interested in grabbing a quick cocktail. This room has a relaxed atmosphere, and its beautiful design will leave you dumbfounded. White couches, comfortable bar stools, a bar, and custom DJ booth, are installed here. Step into our Main room, and you will be introduced to a completely different vibe. Multi-colored hues, custom lighting, VIP booths, and custom elevated stage are installed here. DJ booth with LED screens are located in the front of the room. Each night various famous Open Format DJs make use of it. A bar is also installed here which is managed by talented staff members who provide excellent services. All in all, we aim to provide our customers a taste of San Francisco’s ultimate nightlife.

35. Bimbo’s 365 Club San Francisco

Bimbo’s 365 Club San Francisco was established in 1931, and even after 88 years, our popularity remains unchanged. Our original art décor induces a sense of nostalgia among our customers and remind them about their past. We make use of the most advanced Sound and Lighting system. Amphitheater style seating, a concert stage, large dance floor, and various dining platforms that provide breathtaking views are available at our club.

36. The Roc Bar & Nightclub San Francisco

The Roc Bar & Nightclub San Francisco is San Francisco’s hidden gem which is located in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf. It is an Alcatraz themed Bar and Nightclub which is split into two-level. Two fully furnished bar, ten flat-screen TVs, a huge projector, 12 lounge areas, four communal tables, and a custom DJ Booth are available here. We make use of state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, which creates a fantastic atmosphere. Two rooms are available here as well. They are called the Common room and the Cellar. Both of them can be booked for private events and can accommodate different sized groups.

37. Underground San Francisco

Underground San Francisco is a funky and unique nightclub. Graffiti is painted on the outside of the door. Upon entry, you will notice that the whole room is submerged in red color. Disco balls, a bar, and various images are installed here. A dancefloor is also located here in the back area. Light shows, combined with an excellent sound system, creates a captivating atmosphere. A wide variety of music is played at our club such as House, Bass, and Techno, etc. Our place is LGBTQ friendly as well. We welcome everyone who enters through our doors and does not discriminate against anyone.

38. Asia San Francisco

Asia San Francisco was launched in 1998, and its sole purpose was to provide support to the transgender community. Since then, it has grown and is now regarded as a first-class restaurant, Cabaret, and Nightclub. Try some of our delicious Tamarind Chicken Satays, Salmon Firecrackers, Ahi Burgers and Blackened Tuna Sashimi, etc. After a great dinner, you can rock out at our nightclub. A glass booth, fully furnished bar, dancefloor with excellent lighting and sound system are available here. The comfortable seating further enhances one’s experience.

39. Verso San Francisco

Verso San Francisco is the newest addition to San Francisco’s nightlife and is located inside a printing press. It has a very relaxing and welcoming vibe. Inside this building, you will encounter a large dancefloor and 20 feet long marble bar. Customers can easily place their orders and can enjoy their drinks while listening to fantastic music. To ensure that our customers had an excellent experience, we specifically installed the latest sound system made by the Alcons Audio. It comes with fifteen speakers and six subwoofers. Multiple private tables and a reserved dancing space are located on the Ground floor as well. A Mezzanine level is also available here, which gives you a complete view of the club. Privates tables are installed on the Mezzanine floor as well.

40. The Great Northern San Francisco

The Great Northern San Francisco is a beautiful and cool place to party. The Art Deco design, combined with high tech Void and lighting system creates an incredible atmosphere. Two fabulous bars, large event floor, disco balls, mirrors, projectors, and a 30-foot ceiling are installed here.

41. The Holy Cow San Francisco

The Holy Cow San Francisco was established in 1987 and recently went through some renovations. It is a beautifully designed place. Our venue has a chic look. Multiple full-service bars and elevated VIP booths are installed here. A DJ Booth is also located at our place, which delivers excellent music. An Outdoor patio is also available here. It provides our guests with a nice change of pace and allows them to party under the beautiful starry sky. Our staff is extremely professional and well trained. They will go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. For us, every customer is a VIP, and we provide them the same level of service as well. But hey, you don’t have to believe us, come and experience it for yourself.

42. August Hall San Francisco

August Hall San Francisco is a beautifully designed and flexible event hall. It is a tribute to the rich history of 420 Mason St. Live music and entertainment are organized here. Multiple bars are located in our place. They serve delicious wines, beers, and cocktails. Excellent lighting and sound system are also available here. Step into our music hall, and we will transport you to the past. The 32-inch ceiling combined with century-old architecture and the stained-glass window will leave you breathless. It is truly a masterpiece. Our music hall provides a high energy atmosphere if you end up getting tired or are searching for a quieter place, then we recommend giving our Green Rooms a try. It is a luxurious cocktail room which is perfect for hosting special events and spending some quality with your friends or significant other. The Fifth Row is our sister restaurant/cocktail/gaming place. It is located right next to the August Hall. You can eat delicious food and enjoy bowling.

43. Audio Nightclub San Francisco

Audio Nightclub San Francisco like its name suggests, is focused on providing outstanding sound experience. This place is designed to look like the ’70s. In 2017 we renovated our club. A new 3D surround system, Funktion One speaker and 3D lighting effects system were installed. As a result of this, our customers can now better immerse themselves in the music and can party like there is no tomorrow. Our place is the only one which makes use of the 32″ subwoofer, which further enhances the sound of the music. We have also been declared the best sounding nightclub in San Francisco. 1600 LED wall and 2 bars are also located here. A sprung dancefloor is available here as well. You will notice that plants are installed around our disco ball, which creates a tropical look.

44. Arena San Francisco

Arena San Francisco is San Antonio’s excellent place to party. You will hear Hip-Hop and R&B music being played here. Our club is split into two floors. Private rooms, a huge dancefloor, DJ booth, fully furnished bar and kitchen are located here. A twerking zone is also available here. Have a fun time dancing to your favorite songs.

45. Amplify San Francisco

Amplify San Francisco is an incredible place to party. Our club makes use of high-tech lighting and sound. Disco balls, multiple flat-screen TVs, an awesome dancefloor and smoke machines are installed here. They will enthrall you. Two rooms are available here, i.e., the Main Room and the Front room. Famous DJs and musical artists perform at our place. They will have you grooving to the music till the morning.

46. WISH Bar and Lounge San Francisco

WISH Bar and Lounge San Francisco is a classy, elegant and warm place. This Lounge/bar is designed according to the New York style. WISH is located in the 1920’s concrete building which used to be an Iron forge. It went through a complete makeover and has now been transformed into an enchanting place. Wooden furniture, red velvet, and glowing candles are installed throughout the club. Comfortable lounge seating is available here as well. Natural lighting enters during the day. We have been featured in various magazines such as 7×7 and San Francisco Magazine. WISH was also declared the World’s Best neighborhood bar and the Best Happy hour bar as well. We do not serve food; however; customers are allowed to bring outside food. Mostly House music is played here.

47. 1015 Folsom San Francisco

1015 Folsom San Francisco lies at the heart of San Francisco’s nightlife. It was launched in 1986 and has won several awards such as San Francisco’s best venue and best nightclub in the USA, etc. Our massive, 20,000 square foot place can accommodate up to 1400 guests. Five different rooms with fully furnished bars and DJ booths are available here. You can take your sweet time exploring and picking the right room. All of them have a unique design and different vibes. Our huge water wall which can be used to display videos combined with custom color changing room, beautiful laser lighting show, and Moroccan styled Mezzanine will leave you breathless. Along with this, we also make use of hardwood dance floors, Silver tiles, and glass bar tops, etc. Our state-of-the-art sound system creates a perfect sound environment which enhances one’s clubbing experience.