Gay & LGBT Clubs in San Francisco

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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best gay & lgbt clubs in San Francisco. (More in-depth further below)

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Be it caste, creed, color, gender, or sex-orientation; San Francisco does not discriminate among peeps whatsoever! Hence, the city embraces all and sundry with a full heart! The same goes for entertainment and nightspots in town. The city takes pride in having the finest and top of the range Gay and LGBT clubs to be found anywhere on earth. Among the heavenly and dreamlike Gay and LGBT night venues include Sundance Saloon, San Francisco Badiands, The Stud, The Café, Beaux, Look Out, and Hi Tops! These top-notch and chicest clubs are all set to serve you the best!

1. DNA Lounge

DNA Lounge has remained San Francisco’s hot spot for over 30 years now. Two stages, four dancefloors, multiple bars, and a late-night restaurant/café, are available here. Our place has been featured in the SF Weekly, the Guardian and 7×7. We have won multiple awards such as Best Dance Club and Best Live Music Venue.

2. 1015 Folsom

The 1015 Folsom lies at the heart of San Francisco’s nightlife. It was launched in 1986 and has won several awards such as San Francisco’s best venue and best nightclub in the USA, etc. Our massive, 20,000 square foot place can accommodate up to 1400 guests. Five different rooms with fully furnished bars and DJ booths are available here. You can take your sweet time exploring and picking the right room. All of them have a unique design and different vibes. Our huge water wall which can be used to display videos combined with custom color changing room, beautiful laser lighting show, and Moroccan styled Mezzanine will leave you breathless. Along with this, we also make use of hardwood dance floors, Silver tiles, and glass bar tops, etc. Our state-of-the-art sound system creates a perfect sound environment which enhances one’s clubbing experience.

3. Mezzanine

Mezzanine is an outstanding event space, live music venue, and nightclub. Our 12,000 square feet club is split into two levels. Four lounges are located in the upper floor area while the main floor has open space available. A large dancefloor, green rooms, smoking areas, and multiple full-service bars are also installed here. Our advanced lighting and custom sound system will captivate you. Every night talented DJs and musical artists are seen playing at our club. Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, and Salsa, etc. are played at the Mezzanine.

4. Raven Bar

The Raven is an alluring and enchanting place. It is split into two levels. On the first floor, a luxurious lounge is located. It is beautifully decorated and makes use of the excellent lighting system. Raven’s charming atmosphere makes it easy for people to let loose and enjoy themselves. Two craft bars are located on both sides of this area, which are managed by our talented and outstanding staff members. They provide excellent service and are quite friendly.

5. Love and Propaganda San Francisco

The creators and designers of the Audio are behind the Love & Propaganda. Our place has a warm and cosy atmosphere. We welcome everyone and are dedicated to providing excellent service. Our club has a neo-classical design, and we have installed a Funktion One sound system which produces incredible sounds. A 3D projector is also installed here. It further enhances our customer’s audio-visual experience. Beautiful chandeliers, gilded artwork, and leather seating are located throughout the club. We also make use of an excellent lighting system as well. In 2017 our club also won the Best Nightclub in the country award.

6. The EndUp

The End Up was founded in 1973 more than 45 years have passed since then, and yet we are regarded as a top-class club. We have been featured in various magazines. In 2011 the Best of the Bay gave us the title of the Best after-hour club. The Playboy Magazine also gave us the title of the Best late-night bar as well. Our place is beautifully designed. A tropical patio with a waterfall is available here. It creates an enchanting scene and makes it easy for people to relax. Multiple bars, a food stand, a lounge, pool table, an outdoor glass cabana, and a dancefloor are also installed here.

7. The Grand

The Grand is a superb place to party. It is split into two levels and will leave you wanting more. On the Ground floor, two bars, a dancefloor, DJ booth, and various VIP areas are available here. Our Mezzanine level provides you with a complete view of the club and the stage. A private elevator and multiple bars are also available here. Our Funktion One Sound System combined with an excellent lighting system and Large LED light ball creates a rocking atmosphere.

In Conclusion

If you were watching out for some good Gay and LGBT night clubs in San Francisco, you have reached the right site. Our list of chicest and finest Gay and LGBT clubs is what you have been watching out for some time! Make the most out of our suggested night out venues to have a once in a lifetime kind of fun experience! The fun of your life is awaiting you out there! So, get up and rush to any of the aforementioned clubs to get your share of fun from life! To believe them, you actually have to see them! Wishing you all the best!