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Fanialive Vienna, Guide & Review

Everybody deserves to have fun every day. The colorful ambiance at Fanialive lets you all outrageously have fun. Fanialive is classy, voyeuristic, colorful, and welcoming at the same time. A perfect blend of many sweet things that are only favorable for a fun-filled night. Don’t come alone or else you’ll be guilt-ridden thinking you had all the fun all by yourself without your friends. Bring your party to have an exclusive entertainment all night long. Fanialive has got all for you! Come, visit to see it yourself.
Bricked walls and high roof collectively create a classical ambiance along with many other noticeable features. The gleaming disco balls, the heavily lit environment with intense, variegated lighting system, and the beautiful crows make up the dramatic atmosphere which is found nowhere except for the Fanialive night club. The DJ plays an eclectic collection of music every day. Our DJs possess striking talent, they know exactly what they are doing at the DJ booth and the crowd always goes crazy on reverberating music beats. Every night, we have a themed event for you. Monday Mess Around on Monday, Tropical Beats on Friday and Saturday are the most rejoiced weekly events of Fanialive.
DJ Kalo, DJ Regis, DJ Gypsy Box, DJ Buenavibra, DJ Wolkenschein, DJ Xolot, and DJ Andy Loop provide the audience with musical pleasure. Our live performers are no less than anyone. If you are looking to enjoy quality live performance, then you are gonna love our live performances. The drinks are served by our friendly bartenders who always smile at you while handing you drinks over. A large collection of drinks are provided at reasonable prices. Free entry is a cherishable thing to avail on Friday and Saturday. Be there at 11 and enter free.

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