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Flex Vienna, Guide & Review

Vienna – a city filled with artistic legacy is also rich in the nightlife. Flex is one of the auspicious clubs in Vienna. This club has been serving the Viennese crowd for more than two decades. Since 1995, Flex has always impressed everyone who visited this place. Located by the river, Flex gives you a vast view of calm waters. If you have been thinking to have a great time somewhere, no place could serve you better than Flex. There we have eye-catching graffiti walls, drinks, music, a beautiful crowd, and great partying ambiance. What else you need to spend a fully entertained life.
Both the indoor and outdoor areas are spacious and can accommodate large crowds in both areas. The ambiance is specifically created for partying people. The lighting pattern projected on walls and the heavy lighting system generate strong partying vibes that take you over wholly. The DJs are best and would always play the music that entices your senses to indulge in reveling fun going on at Flex dance floor. Our famous performers are Alex Cameron, TBA, Switch, Fatoni. The state-of-the-art sound system fills the whole place with reverberating, electrifying musical beats. And you would be obliged to hop on the dance floor, and dance away the night with sheer enthusiasm.
Come along with your friends or bring your special person to Flex, you will be served with a dose of fun just as you were expecting or it may exceed your expectation – you never know. Unlike other night clubs, we don’t demand you to wear those fancy attires to have an entertained night out. Just wear any casual and join the crazy crowd at Flex. Among the joyous crowd, you would feel like a part of this embodied fun. Flex treats you like you have wished for.

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